-4-Out Of All the People In the World, I Fall In Love With You?

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We finall pulled away.

HMM? When did his shirt come off?


I grabbed the blanket and covered myself. Yeah, ihad on a bra but still! I found my shirt then put it on.

"Ya, know.. We should do that more often", isaid pulling my shirt down.

Andrew laffed, still laying on his bed shirtless.


"yEAH, we should", he agreed. I smiled at him. I was about to leave when Andrew stopped me. "wait? Can you stay", he asked. He jumped outta his bed to grab my arm and ask me can i staaaay. Cuuute.

"Sure", i said with a smile. He smiled back.

"Immma go change though", i told him.

He nodded, kissed me and let go of my arm. I stood there and stared at him smiling for awhile then left to get ready for bed. I came back then i got onto his computer cuz he went potty. I told my top friends on myspace to meet me at the mall saturday. Everyone was free. I told Andrew and he said he looks forwrd to meeting my friends. I hugged him then let go. We got into bed then he put his arms around my waist then i put my arms on his back. We fall asleep face to face, smiling at eachother.

I was lookingforward to saturday ^_^


I woke up face to face ith Andrew. "Hey gorgeous", he said smiling, then kissed my forehead. I smiled right back. "Hey", was all that came out.

Ahhh, this boy just makes me SPEECHLESS!!

I got out of bed. "Imago take a shower", i said then went into my room. I took my showere and bhushed my teeth, washed my face, and did my hair.

That day was kinda boring. Me and Andrew just watched movie after movie after movie. BOOOOR-ING! It was monday. Bleh. I HATE mondays. Then the whooole week was boring too.


"So babe, watcha got in mind for us to do?"m, i asked Andrew, wrapping my arms around his waist. Hey, im short. What can i say? It runs in the family. He had on his serious face. "Whats wrong, babe?", i aked, worried.

"I wanna tell you"

"Tell me what?"

"My past. About my parents. Life in prison. All that stuff."

I got a knott in my stomach. "ok".

We went into the backyard and sat on his bench. ((listen to this song while reading this chapter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqp4LjSP4_c&playnext_from=TL&videos=J4-9rYUHKIs))

"When i was 12, my dad started beating my mom becuz she was stripping. She was only doing it to put food on the table. He called her all kinds of names. Slut. Whore. Bitch. Then hed hit her. I remember staying in my room, softly crying myself to sleep", he paused then continued, "I can still remember them arguing. 'Youre tearing this family apart. What the fuck is wrong with you, you whore. What if people find out, huh? That Bills wife is fucking around. Huh? What the hell are they ganna think. Answer me, bitch.' Then he hit her. She screamed and cried but he just kept hitting her. 'Please. Stop. Im sorry', she beging. But he was cold, heartless. He didnt care. 'Stop? I bet you werent saying that when you were fucking that asshole", he hitt her, 'Were you?', he hitt her again." He paused again. He closed his eyes then took a deeep breath. He then continued. "We put up with that asshole for 3 years. Then, he started beating me when i was 14. I got a D on my report card. 'You can do better', he yelled. Then hit me in the face. I got a black eye but he told me to tell everyone who asked about it that i got into a fight. He said if any one finds out, he'll kill me. And i knew he wasnt kidding. Then when i was 16, i was fed up with his bullshit. I saw him beating my mom. I tryed to hold him back but he stated beating me. He threw my against the wall. Then, he kept beating my mom. I ran into the kitchen and stabbed him in the back 4 times. For all the years he made my life hell. When i knew he was dead, i helped my mom off the florr then hugged he. 'Itll be ok, honey. Its ok'. We cried together that night. But, she was soo wrong. Afew days later, they found my dads body where i dumped it. Then, they took my away and my mom died becuz ofthat bastered. I was 16 when i went to jail. I stayed there for 3 years. Then, a week before iwas suppose to getreleased, this cop tried to rape me. He said thats whatt happens to pretty boys like me. I fought back and he told on me. So, i got another month. I was so pissed becuz i was soo close to getting out. So, i broke out. Theen, the cops found me. Then i met you." He smiled with tears in his eyes. I was crying pretty much through the whole story.

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