-4-Out Of All the People In the World, I Fall In Love With You?

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The car ride home was weeiiird and akward. Not one word was shared.

When we got home, he got out the car and went into the house. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I wiped it away then went into the house. I locked the door behind me and walked over to Andrews room.

I gentally knocked on his door.

"Yeah?", he answered. It sounded like he was crying. This pained me.

"Can i come in?", i asked, hesitant. He didnt reply. Just opened the door to let me in. I sat on his bed and he sat next to me. I looked at him and he just stared at the ground. Like i was.. invisible. I hated feeeling that way but i guess i kinda sorta deserved it.

"Listen, I know i didnt say i loved you earlier. Im sorry. I really do love you", i paused, "alot."

He looked at me.

"I didnt say it, becuz i gotta boyfriend. And no matter how much he cheats or hurts me, i cant hurt him. I dont know what it iss anout me. Its this weeiiird thing i got going on", i admited.

He still looked at me. I continued.

"ILL beak up with him just to be with you. Becuz i love you that much", I TOLD HIM, SMILING. He slightly smiled. He lookeed down again and his smile faded.

"I dont know why youre dating him, Delylah. He doesnt treat you like a girlfriend. Youre just another one of his... pets", he said, looking away from me. I loked down.

"Look, i cant see you sad becuz of me. SomethingI did. Please," i turned his head so he was facing me, " be happy?"

I smiled hoping he would too. He gave me a little smile. I kissed him on the cheek and his smile grew wider.

"NOW THATS WHAT I LIKE TO SEE", I pointed to his smile. He laffed then hugged me. I hugge back, of course.

"Delylah, i dont care if you have A MILLION boyyfriends! Ima still loveyou forever! <3", he told me. I couldnt contain my smile. Here i go again with the cheesy smile.

"Ill love you, too! <3", i told him... and meant it.

"You know what Andrew", i said, relizing something.


"Youre the first guy to have me fall for you in 3 days"

I could feel his heart beat faster. "Really?"

"Yep!", i pulled away but we were still holding eachother. "And for that, i give you this", then, I KISSED HIM ON THE LIPS!! AND WHOA DID IT FEEL AMAZING! IT WAS LIKE, ALL THE FIREWORKS IN THE WORLD WERE LIT x10!!!!!!

We pulled away after a good 10 seconds and stared at eachother. Andrews cheeks were red and he was smiling like CRAZY!! So was i. "Was that amazing?? Or was it just me??", i asked. He laffed. "Yes. IT waas BEYOND amazing! Now", he put his lips a centimeter away from mine, "lets do it again."

When he pressed his lips against mine, i smiled and so did he. I put my arms around his neck and his arms found their way around my waist. Ipulled his head with my arms and deepened the kissand felt Andrew smile. He pushed me onto the bed without breaking the kiss. He was on top now and we had like, a full on make out session!!

Whoa! this boy is a good kisser!!

and he smells like AX!!


We kissed for awhile. It was amazing! I dont know. Theres something about Andrew that makes me feel.. weeiiird. But in a good way. I love every minute i spend with him. He makes mefeel... alive? No. ITs deeper than that. I dont know. Its hard to explain it.

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