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You walked up the stairs into the building. It seemed way too fancy from your last school, which was just a simple but large building. No where near as huge as this though.

First stop, the headmaster's office. He was nice enough to show you around a little bit, but he sent you off on your own after a few minutes.

You looked at the paper in your hand. Room 78.

You gently opened the door, finding a small classroom with only about 7 people in it at the moment. Were you early? You checked your watch.

7:50 am.

Yup, a little bit early. Everyone... looks nice at least. A girl with purple hair was sitting in a desk beside a boy with spiky brown hair. Your gaze lingered until the teacher knocked on his desk to get your attention. "Introduce yourself!" the teacher said.

"Uh, hi. I'm.. (F/N L/N), the ultimate technician." you nodded towards the small class. The boy with spiky hair waved. "I'm Makoto Naegi." he said. The purple haired girl waved as well. "Kyoko Kirigiri."

The rest of the class introduced themselves. "Aoi Asahina!" "Leon Kuwata." "Sayaka Maizono!" "C-Chihiro Fujisaki." except for one boy. He seemed.. familiar. Too familiar. You swear, you used to know each other.

"Togami, mind introducing yourself?" the teacher asked.

"Byakuya Togami." he muttered under his breath. He glanced at you, scowled, and went back to reading a paper.

That's it! You two used to go to school together up until he moved to some fancy private school in 7th grade. You were mildly disappointed, you two used to be okay-ish friends. You weren't too close, but he would tolerate you better than others.

"Miss L/N, please take a seat beside Sayaka."

Sayaka smiled at you. Wait, the Sayaka Maizono? Like the famous girl group Sayaka Maizono? Well then.

You took your seat beside her. She waved at you. You waved back, setting your hot chocolate on your desk. She slid you a note.

"Meet at Starburst after school?
-sayaka "

Although it was quite odd she signed her name even though you knew it came from her, you nodded and smiled at her. First day and someone seems to want to befriend you? Way different from your last school. You only had about 3 friends, if you could even count Byakuya as a friend.

She slid a note to Aoi and Chihiro as well. They both responded with a yes. Well, this was unexpected.

As time passed, more people started to fill the room. A guy with an odd pompadour, who was later discovered as Mondo Owada. Others followed, a man with black hair and what appeared to be a school uniform, fiercely apologizing for not being on time. Kiyotaka Ishimaru. An eccentric girl named Junko Enoshima. Hifumi Yamada. Yasuhiro Hagakure. Sakura Ogami. Celestia Ludenburg, Toko Fukawa, the list goes on.

Finally the whole class was here. Nobody else took an interest in you besides Sayaka, Aoi, and Chihiro. Although you did catch the occasional glance from Byakuya, which was a tad bit weird to you.

After the school day was done, you walked with Chihiro, Aoi, and Sayaka to Starburst. Sayaka threw an arm around you. "So, where'd you move from?" she asked.

(school/n) you replied.

"Oh! I've heard of that school before!" she said cheerfully. "Didn't Byakuya mention he used to go there?" she said to Aoi.

Aoi nodded. "Yup!"

"We uh, used to be, quote unquote,"friends"." you said. "Until he moved. Don't get any ideas though, he just tolerated me more than others." you stated.

"That's definitely better than nothing." Chihiro spoke.

You all laughed. "You're not wrong." Sayaka said.

Chihiro opened the door for all of you, and you walked in to find a familiar face.

"Byakuya's here?" you whispered to Aoi.

"It seems so." she replied.

Byakuya glared at you and adjusted his glasses. He was sipping a coffee while working on something on his laptop. Apparently, your gaze lingered a little too long.

"Have a problem?" he asked. You got startled. "I-uh, no." you stuttered. He looked oddly intimidating. He had a smirk on his  face while he turned back to his laptop.

You sighed. "Y/N, don't worry about it. He's.. weird like that." Aoi assured you. You smiled and put in your order for a chocolate chip frappe.

Byakuya was watching you order to see what you chose. You turned around to find him watching you. He quickly turned away.

"He's probably judging what I got." you laughed. Everyone agreed.

You all got your drinks and sat down at a table. You had offered to pay, but Sayaka paid anyway. You didn't try putting up a fight, she was too nice for that.

You were enjoying your drink when Byakuya slammed his hands on his laptop.

"...Convient." he muttered. His laptop had died, presumably in the middle of an important work project. He looked around for an outlet for the charger. None around, except at your table and a few others where people are sitting.

He decided to walk over to your groups table. Of course, why wouldn't he.

"Get up."


"I need to use the outlet."

"Why couldn't you go ask someone else?"

"I don't see the need to talk to strangers."

"Fine." you all groaned. You all got up and walked to the table where Byakuya was sitting. He gave a small smirk and sat down to plug his laptop in.

You all walked out of the building after finishing your drinks. You didn't notice it, but Byakuya gave a small wave goodbye.
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