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(Big thanks to IsraelYabuki for making the second chapter ahead thank you

Meanwhile, in a different part of Canterlot, at the illustrious SpruceCorp, a meeting was taking place in the research lab between the scientists and the U.S Army soldiers. Inside the room, one of the researchers was wearing a green body suit standing atop a mechanical floating vehicle with weapons attached to it. As he was floating down, a young scientist explains the bugs that were fixed. A young scientist who goes by the name of Micro Chips, Timber Spruce's #1 assistant.
"We solved the horizon glide and the multi-G balance issue!" Micro explained. However the general of the U.S Army did not look amused or impressed.
"I've already seen the glider," he said. "That's not what I'm here for." While his patience was growing thin, Timber, the head of SpruceCorp, showed up to greet the fellow general and his soldiers.
"General Odin, good to see you again," Timber greeted, along with the board of directors. "Always a pleasure to have our board of directors pay us a little visit."
"I want to see the progress report on human performance enhancers," General Odin said, cutting straight to the chase and both Micro Chips and Timber Spruce gave their own details on their progress report, both the good reports and the bad.
"We tried vapor inhalation with rodent subjects. Their strength increased by 800%" Micro explained, though has a bit of an uneasy feeling when suddenly...
"Any side effects?" Odin asked.
"In one trial, yes, I'm afraid," Micro said, but Timber tried brushing it off by focusing more on the positives of his latest experiments, even if it went against the principles.
"It was an aberration. All the tests since then have been successful," Timber said.
"And in the trial that went wrong, what happened? What were the side effects?" Odin asked.
"Violence... aggression... and insanity," Micro said.
"And what do you recommend you should do?" Odin asked. Timber tried to cover up the issue, looking straight into the eyes of his assistant with a small glare, slightly scaring him.
"That was only one test," Timber whispered, before turning to Odin. "Exception of Dr. Chips, our entire staff certifies the product ready for human testing."
"Dr. Chips?" Odin asks, not believing anything Timber has to say. Micro, on the other hand, gave probably the only safe solution, which pained the general, but also gave him a sense of relief.
"We need to take the whole line back to formula," Micro said.
Timber was not pleased with his assistant and whispered, "Back to formula?"
"Dr. Spruce," Odin said, calling him over. He did so and got the cold, hard truth from General Odin. "I'm going to be frank with you. I never supported your program. We have my predecessor to thank for that."
"Timber," one of his boar of directors said, "The general gave the go-ahead to Rider Aerospace to build a prototype of their exoskeleton design. They test in two weeks."
"And if your so-called performance enhancers have not had a successful human trial by that date, I'm gonna pull your funding and I'm gonna give it to them," Odin said. As the general and his U.S Army soldiers and board of directors took their leave, Timber is left with little options. His company was in big trouble and he needed to come up with something to save it or it's bye-bye to his career.

Meanwhile, in a quiet, peacful neighborhood a couple of miles away from SpruceCorp, an elderly married couple was going about their daily lives, waiting for their nephew to return.
This married couple was your uncle Cranky Doodle and aunt Matilda. "And the lord said "Let there be light," and voila, there is light." he said, putting in a new light bulb for the dining room in the kitchen before putting the cover back under the bulb. "Forty soft, glowing watts of it," Uncle Cranky said. His loving wife, Matilda, decided to break the ice with a little joke.
"Good boy. God will be thrilled. Just don't fall on your ass," she said, chuckling.
"I'm already on my ass, Matilda," Cranky replied, rolling his eyes, smirking. "When the plant's senior electracian is laid off after 35 years, what else would you call it? I'm on my ass."
"Hand me that dish, the green one," Matilda pointed at the one across from the kitchen stove where she was getting ready to cook. Cranky did so without a fuss, while explaining how messed up life is.
"The corporation is downsizing the people and upsizing their profits." Though it was hard to admit, Cranky Doodle made a very good point. But Matilda showed her support for him by giving him some words of encouragement for his current situatuation he needed to fix.
"Oh, Cranky, you'll get another job somewhere," she said.
"Well. Well, let's have a look and see. Though I can still barely figure out how to work these darn things," he said, heading into the living room, grabbing a laptop and bringing it into the dining room. He boots up the computer and starts his job search a minute after that. "Let's see what the want ads got here." Uncle Cranky searched up online for any jobs under the term "Computer." "Computer salesman, computer engineering, computer analyst, my Lord, even the computers need analysts these days. Matilda, I'm 68 years old, I'm too old for computers, and besides, I have a family to provide for."
Matilda walks over to her husband as he's still struggling his job search. "I love you. And Anon loves you. You're the most responsible man I've ever known. We've been down-and-out before, but somehow even after all that, we still survive," she said before kissing his cheek.
"Yeah," Cranky agreed right as the door opened and you walked in, barely able to keep yourself up. Your aunt and uncle noticed you come home and looked happy at first, but then felt concerned about you. You closed the door as they were striking up a conversation with you.
"Oh, hi sweetie. You're just-- Just in time for dinner," Matilda asked.
"Hey. How you doing, buddy? How was the field trip?" Cranky asked, trying to liven the mood.
"Uh, I don't feel well, I'm gonna go to sleep," you replied, walking over to the staircase.
"You won't have a bite?" Matilda asked, more concerned for you.
"No thanks, had a bite," you replied.
"Well then... did you get some pictures, Anon?" Cranky asked.
"Uh... I gotta crash, everything's fine," you said, walking up and entering your room, closing the door.
Cranky and Matilda looked at each other with confused expressions. They had never seen you act this way and wanted to know what happened that caused you to act this way. "What's that all about?" Cranky asked while Matilda shrugged, still confused herself.
Meanwhile, up in your room, you quickly took your shirt off, leaving yourself topless. Your vision was blurry and to make things more weird for you, your body felt like it was going numb.
You still felt the spider's bite affecting your health. All that was on your mind was some rest, but you were too scared to fall asleep even when your body wanted it so badly. You were afraid that if you fell asleep now, you wouldn't be able to wake up from it. Even so, there was nothing you could do. You soon slumped down on your bed, grabbed your blankets and slid down on your bedroom floor. Your body grew cold, shivering and your breathing was getting heavy and shaky. And you could just faintly hear the researcher's voice explaining the details of what C.U was doing in one of the labs.
"In this recombination lab, we use synthesized transfer RNA to encode and entirely new genome, combining the genetic information from all three spiders into this 15 genetically designed super-spiders," her voiced echoed as you quickly felt your body crashing.
While you slept, part of your DNA was soon replaced with the DNA of the super-spider that bit you, dramatically changing you as time went on. And the start of your new life was about to begin. However, during the night of your transformation, one certain scientist was about to put himself through his own transformation at his large company, just to save it from going bankrupt.
"Dr. Spruce please. The performance enhancers aren't ready," Dr. Chips said as Timber took one of the tubes and placed it in this machine, ignoring Micro Chips' warning. "The data just doesn't justify this test. Now I'm asking you for the last time. We can't do this."
"Don't be a coward. Risks are part of laboratory science," Timber said switching from computer to computer, getting the machines ready for the big jump. Micro Chips still insisted that Timber stop this test and tried to come up with a more logical and safe approach.
"Let me reschedule, with a proper medical staff and volunteer. Just give me two weeks."
"Two weeks?" Timber asked, turning quickly to his assistant. "In two weeks, we'll have lost the contract to Rider and then SpruceCorp will be dead. Sometimes, you gotta do things yourself. Now stop wasting my time with excuses and go and get me the Promachloraperazine."
"What for?" Micro asked.
"It begins catalyzation when the vapor hits the bloodstream," Timber explained while taking off his lab coat, then his tank top until he was completely topless. Micro Chips returned with the little glass bottle that Timber asked for and he gladly took it. "Forty-thousand years of evolution and we barely even tapped the vastness of human potential." Soon, Timber ingested the Promachloraperazine before tossing the empty glass bottle onto the ground hard, shattering it to pieces.
Micro, though not wanting to do this, went along with the test and helped strap his boss down on the bed, closing the restrains around his upper torso and around the mid-section of his lower legs before running over to the computer. He tapped a few keys, causing the bed he's strapped in to enter the chamber, then stopped once he was fully inside. Micro then closed the doors to the chambers and adjusted the bed Timber's strapped to, making it lift up slightly vertical.
Timber nodded for Micro to proceed with the final phase of the test. Micro sighed and pressed a button and soon, the performance enhancer in the tube went down until it was empty. The vents underneath Timber's feet shot out the gas from the enhancer. Timber was slightly nervous, feeling the vapor seeping into his bloodstream while Micro watched in horror and concern. Questions began flooding his mind and started thinking that maybe he made a big mistake and should stop it at once.
But the test results on the monitor showed that the test was going along well... for a moment. But the celebration was sadly short-lived as the monitor that displayed his heart rate showed that it was increasing in the hundreds, beeping rapidly.
Timber is heard grunting maniacally and Micro grew more worried by the second. "Timber?" he called out, but couldn't see him at first. But when the vapor cleared up a bit, he could see his boss squirming around in the chamber, still strapped to the bed, having a seizure. He panicked and ran over to the computer, trying to vent out the chambers to try and save his boss' life. Time was running short and Micro Chips could only do so much on his end, only for his efforts to prove in vein.
He looked back and saw Timber cease his squirming and then... went limp. Micro panicked and turned to the heartbeat monitor to see a long, straight line and a prolonged beep. "Oh my god! TIMBER?!" Micro shouted, running up into the chamber, refusing to give up.
He kept screaming, "Oh my god, Timber!" repeating his name over and over. He freed him from the restraints in order to perform CPR, putting pressure on his chest using his hands, but being careful not to put too much or risk crushing his internal organs. He couldn't stand to let his own boss die right in front of him and used all the skills he could to resurrect him from his eternal sleep.
Suddenly, the heart monitor outside the chamber caught his attention when it started beeping, signifying that Timber's heart rate went back to normal.
Quickly, Timber's eyes shot open. Micro looked back to see his boss awake, but is then grabbed by the throat violently while Timber growled and snarled, breathing heavily. Micro Chips was scared out of his wits to find out... that the man he once called his boss... was gone. "Back to formula?" Timber asked calmly while his rage burned deep within him. The mad scientist threw his assistant out of the chambers through the glass, causing it to shatter and pierce parts of his body. Micro lands rought against the equiptment outside, causing an electrical surge to break out of one of the machines.
Timber jumped out with a vicious snarled, standing on the ledge, then leaped out with a vicious predatorial growl, escaping from the lab. Watch out Canterlot, he's got stark-raving mad!

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