Part 14

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Warning: Swearing because I can. And underage drinking.
| Long chapter. Enjoy! |

Dave POV

      I love being with these nerds. They are the best. I don't know what I was going to do if they didn't invite me at this little party. I had fun killing those three guys. It was amazing. But the questions that I have in my mind now, are making me crazy. Did Dreamy Boy actually kiss Vincent? If yes... well... I don't know what to say... if not, I lost the bet. 5 months ago, I made a bet with Dreamy Boy. If he turns out being gay for what he called 'his French boy', he has to give me all his money on Hypixel, plus a dinner at a restaurant, with me and one of the lovely boys that are here.

"Dave! You zoned out again. Are you ok?" George asked Dave placing his hand on his shoulder.
"Again? Oh. I'm so sorry. What were we talking about?" Dave shook his head smiling.
"We were talking about the two Georges. We need different names for them." Clay told his friend.
"He is Mister NotFound and he is George. You like it, Mister NotFound?" Dave stroked his hair.
"It's ok... I guess. What about you, my fellow George?" George, Dream's friend, asked.
"It is... alright. I mean we can call you George as well. But your blood god gave you that nickname." George smiled as the two of them blushed a little.
"First off, I'm not his blood god, because I am not a girl, if you know you know, except from Zak; second off, where are the two lovers?" Dave looked across the room seeing them in the kitchen.
"What do you me-... Oh..! because I have a sister. Ahaha, she doesn't even speak to me about that kind of stuff... I found out when I asked my mom why her bed smelled like blood every 3-4 weeks. And God... I was, and still am, terrified." a shiver went down Zak's back.
"It's ok Zak, I think Vincent is still learning about this stuff because he dropped out of school. You are still young. When you are as old as the grandpa beside you, this is going to be nothing." Dave laughed at Darryls face.
"Excuse me? Grandpa? Who said I'm a grandpa? Do I look like one?" Darryl said crossing his arms.
"No, Now you act like a little baby" Zak giggled.

     Oh God, I love my friend group. Aren't they the best friends you could ever get? Yes, by far they are. But this George, not George as in Spifey, but Mister NotFound, is so attached to me. I mean he is now sitting with his head in my lap. Finn is also doing the same with George, or Spifey or whatever, and Zak is simply just staying crisscross beside Darryl. What the heck is going on in here? We all are looking like the kind of couples that you find in a high school excursion, Dreamy Boy and Vincent being part of us, but they are hiding so we don't find out they are together.

  They sat like that until Clay and Vincent entered the room with some snacks and some juice. All of them started to eat and make funny jokes about the Skephalo and Dream6d couple. But then the two "couples" started to argue with them because George and Finn's heads were sitting on Dave and George's laps, looking like they were together.

"Stop. We aren't couples and I'm pretty sure these two boys are fucking straight." Dave looked at ths boy in his lap, playing with George's hair."Are you bi?" Dave spoke again taking his hands away.
"Yeah, kinda. I mean i'm still thinking about it... I don't know, I never questioned myself about that." George said standing up and taking some snacks
"Do you know what poki is?" Finn asked out of nowhere.
"Know what, what is?" Clay looked at him.
"Poki, the Japanese game? You have this sweet stick and you take one end, the other person is taking the other end and you start eating more and more when you finally kiss the other." Finn explained to them.
"That's gay, Finn." Dave spoked laughing awkwardly.
"Well yes it is, but someone wanna try?"Zak said taking one from Finn, looking at Darryl.

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