Chapter 21

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What Jackson was wearing^^^^

Luke's pov

It's been one month since I broke up with Oliver and started dating Jackson, he's so fucking sweet he's nothing like Oliver but for the last week, something has been weird. He has been having these mood swings but not mean to me just he be really happy then boom it's like someone hit a dog with a truck, every time I try to talk to him about it he changes the subject I just want to make sure he's ok. He hasn't talked to me all weekend and I'm getting worried but I know I can worry way too much sometimes but something is different this time like I'm not sure but it's something and I'm going to find out what it is. My mom is on a Business trip and my brothers are back at school so I'm alone I love my house when it's quiet, it's 12:30 am and a Sunday so sadly I have to go to hell tomorrow it hasn't been that bad actually Oliver won't even look at me, I can't say I don't miss him I still have love for him I just don't have the love I used to. I was going to jump into the shower before I want to bed, I walk into my bathroom, I take my shirt off and look in the mirror there are no more bruises just scars that will probably never ever go away but I'm just happy that the bruises are gone.

I turn the water on and I was about to go in when I hear a wired noise coming from my back door, I turn the water off to listen better and sure enough it is coming from down there, quickly put my shirt back one and head downstairs. I made it to my back door and there is clearly a man standing on the other side of the door, it's like the person knew I was there because he started shacking the door handle, " babyyyyyyy! it's meeeee! can you open the door pleaseeeeeee! I missed you all weekend and I just wanted to come to see youuuu!" The person on the other said of the door said, " Jackson is that you?" I said back, He sounds so weird but I know it's him but something is off with him. " Yessssss babbyyyyyy, who else calls you babby?" He said in a tone that I never heard from him before, I walk over to the door and unlocked it and opened it, and what I saw was not the man I know not the sweet kid who makes sure I'm safe and doesn't do anything wrong to me, unlike others. He makes eyes contact right when he opens the door, he's pupils are dilated as fuck, what hell is happening? He looks away from me to look around the back yard, " I didn't want to come to the front because I thought I saw like three dudes like not the nice kind the creepy-ass man who would probably give you candy and make you go in a van you know what I mean? The creepy mother fuckers who should kill them selfs because they like kids you know? One time me and my homies the ones I had when I was still with my dad we found a guy who was trying to kidnap a kid and wait doing tell anyone this or I'll have to kill you.... just kidding I could never do that to you our my baby you know? But anyway he was trying to do some shit with this kid so oh wow I like that shirt you have on it makes you look cute as fuck but we killed him." He said in one breathe he laughs, " yeah it was one of those things we don't talk about." She said ass he puts his fingers to his lips in a shhh kind of way. "Yo I haven't slept in like three days and I feel fucking great we have a math test and I know I will pass it I'll even do better than you, to be honest math is my shitttt but I just came by to say hey heyyyy but I gotta run people are waiting for me so I gotta go I'll probably not drive you tomorrow just letting you know." He leans in gives me a kiss then he was off, what the actual fuck was that? I just sit there stunned for a minute, I shut the door not knowing what to do, why was he acting like this? I never have seen him so how can I say over-excited or something like that, I just walk upstairs and get in bed I don't even take a shower I look up at my ceiling and just think what just happened. Did he really kill someone? Nah I know he would never do that...., right? As I sit there my eyes get heavier and heavier I let sleep take me the dark of sleep.

I walk into the school on a rainy Monday morning, everyone looks dead inside like always. I walk start to my locker where I thought I would find Jackson, but I was left disappointed when I found nothing but Mike the track star of the school looking at something in his locker. I walk up next to him and unlock mine he stops what he's doing and looks at me but I don't look at him, he's always been nice to me he's never did anything wrong to me he's actually really nice " hey, did you do the math packet?" He said in his deep voice, I look over at him but I do not make eye contact " yeah here" I pulled the packet out of my bag and gave it to him. I heard that he's actually really smart he just likes Sports better, " thanks Luke I just needed the last to questions, do you mind if we walk to math together so I can copy this?" He said with a big smile. I'm not sure if that's a good idea what if people think we are friends or something fuck it, " yeah sure" right when I say that the bell for the first period rang. We are walking to class people are staring at us, but I don't think because I'm with him I think it's because he's using my back as a desk we make it right when the final bell rang, " thanks man I owe you one" he said with a smile.

Me and Mike walk in together he waves at me goodbye and I did the same, I go to walk to the back of the class where I and Jackson sit if he didn't meet me at my locker he's usually here waiting for me but again nowhere the fuck his he? I started my painful walk to my set me and Jackson changed sits because Oliver and his friends kept throwing things at me, I past  Oliver and his two friends, Oliver stuck his foot out to touch mine I that he was going to trip me but he just touched me what is he doing? I make it to my sit down it was about 20 minutes into the class the teacher was just finished up answering any questions that anyone had about the test, when the door swings open and Jackson walks in with a tank top and a pair sunglasses on, but I'm shocked that his showing all his tattoos he usually hates showing them off in school, " Mr. black you are late, and we are having a test just get to your sit I'll talk you after class about this" he just looks at her and starts to walk back to our sits. What's happening? He loves our math teacher, he gets close to Oliver, and Oliver leans over and I can tell he said something to Jackson.

Jackson stops in his place, oh no, " what did you just fucking say?" Jackson says " I said how's your faggot of a best friend?" Oliver said oh no no this is not good. Jackson takes his glasses off his eyes are so bloodshot, " you better watch your mouth boy I'm not in the mood for your jealousy" Jackson said, Oliver stands up " what the fuck are you gonna do about it?" He says Jackson walks closer to Oliver. I get up quickly and run over and stand in front of Jackson " please stop" I say as I put my hand on his chest, Jackson slaps it hard away, ow but I don't stay on the stinging pain, " I'm getting tired of this motherfucker thinking he's the king of this place and king of you he about to learn his lesson!" Jackson says I look around the room everyone has moved away from them and the teacher is yelling for them to stop." I'm the boss in this fucking place just because you're a little bigger and have gang tattoos doesn't mean shit!" Oliver said, oh fuck this is going to be bad " at least I don't beat my boyfriend, and when I fuck him he tells me how better my dick is then yours," he moves up more to Oliver and takes me with him " he also says how my shit is bigger, I make him scream my name every fucking night, and I also don't beat him as someone did" he said. Why the fuck his he saying this in front of everyone why what's wrong with him, the next thing I know someone wraps there hands around my arms and push me to the side I fall to the floor. I look up and see Oliver is on top of Jackson but the next thing I know Jackson pushes him off him and now he's on top of Oliver he's hitting every punch, the girls in the room start to scream for them to stop and the boys try to break it up but they can't.

I get up and run over I grab Jackson but he just pushes me off again, but the next thing I know Oliver is on top and he's bloody I mean real bloody this is a really bad fight and I have to stop it, I get up and run to Oliver I try to pull him off but it doesn't work so I do the only thing I know that will stop him I lean in to his ear and say " Oliver please stop I love you and miss you please he's not worth it for me." He stops for a shirt Second enough time for me to push him off Jackson then I sit on Jackson so he would not get up he try's but I yell " will you fucking stop please, just stop it's enough" I say with a tears in my eyes, he moves to I'm sitting in his lap he sees the red of my hand where he slapped it he grabs my hand and kiss it, I just realized how bloody he is, he hugs me and at this point the cops of the school is here, they take Oliver and they have me move and grab Jackson. They leave the room I look on the ground and there are papers all over the place and there's some blood, all of the other kids are looking at me and whispering. Well this is just fucking great everyone knows now no help from the fucking idiots who couldn't just let shit go how the fuck am I going to explain this shit oh hey mom my boyfriend beat up my ex who used to abuse me severely oh and my new boyfriend is acting real funny and I have no idea what's wrong with him, a cop comes back in the room and walks up to me I realize that I'm still sitting on the floor, " I think you should come with me son, the principal has some questions for you." Well this is going to be a long day....... to be continued

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