You/Maggie Rhee/Beth Greene/Amy/Andrea - Saved

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Summary: You're a werewolf that saves them. 

Prompt by: Rexburn12

AN: I've never watched the TV show so I'm not sure how accurate this will be. Also none of them are related 

You've always been a loner ever since the outbreak had occurred. You traveled the country on your on in fear of getting hurt by someone. You never trusted anyone as everyone had just seemed to kill those that they deemed to be a threat. It's why you haven't changed back to your human form ever since the outbreak started. You needed to save yourself and the only way was to scare off the others. 

It had worked so far until you ended up running into Amy and Andrea. The first moment you had laid eyes on them, you couldn't look away. You were drawn in to them and you knew right then and there that you would do anything to keep them safe at a distance. 

They never suspected of you following them as you were always far away from their eyesight or ears. Your senses were quite enhanced so if you did end up losing them, you would find them right away with their scent. 

It was a few weeks after finding them when you had to step in and save Amy, she had been wondering around in some type of camp that she hadn't paid attention to the approaching horde of zombies. You didn't hesitate to jump in and take them all down. As you practically ripped each one in half, you made sure to push her back into the RV to make sure she had cover while you took everyone down. It wasn't until the last one had be killed that you finally turned to look at her. You weren't sure if it was a look of horror at you or the horde of zombie but you didn't want to stay and find out so you left out of their eyesight. 

You were far away for them to see you but you could still hear.

"Are you alright Amy? What happened?"

"I-I don't know. One minute, I was just outside minding my own business and then this thing pops out. I was at first scared but then it began to push me to the RV."

Andrea pulled Amy into her arms, holding her tightly. 

"Well whatever it was. We're extremely grateful to it. I would have lost you if it weren't for them."

She leaned down to kiss the top of her head and led her back to the others to explain what had happened. 


After the attack on Amy, you stayed a little closer to them, afraid that they would get hurt from their carelessness. However, the next time you saved one of them was because an actual human had been trying to hurt them. This pissed you off and made you not have any mercy on them.

You ended up saving Andrea next as she had then been kidnapped. You made them think that they had been successful at taking her and then swooped in when they had least expected it. You were particularly brutal with them, swiping your claws at their chest to make them bleed out to death to make them suffer. While you watched them struggle to stop the blood, you hadn't notice Andrea take a much closer step to you until you felt her hand on your fur. 

"What are you?"

She whispered in amazement as you stared at her. 

You just watched her for the longest time until you heard the rest of her group come in. You didn't want to be seen by them so you left Andrea. Again, staying close by to be with them.

"Andrea! Oh thank god! I was so worried."

Amy had tears in her eyes as she kissed Andrea. She had been worried sick, thinking that she was never going to see her again. 

"The thing that saved you, did the same for me. I don't know what they are but they seem to be protecting us."


You met Maggie and Beth soon after saving Andrea. Much like Andrea and Amy, you laid eyes on them and had fallen in love. Swearing to yourself to also keep them safe. It helped that they all stayed together and so you just followed their group.Making sure that they didn't get into any trouble. 

You had ended up saving Beth next as she was being forced to go to another group. You could hear them have a standoff and you just knew that it wasn't going to end well so you rushed inside. You had ended up arriving in time to push Beth behind you as Dawn shot at her. The bullet pierced your skin, causing you to cry out in pain. It hurt but it wasn't enough to stop you from killing her. 

You turned to face Beth as she stared in awe of you before running away again to let your body heal. You didn't want a repeat of what had happened with Andrea as you still couldn't trust anyone. 


Maggie, Beth, Amy and Andrea had hall been talking about you. Wondering who you even were and why you saved them. They needed to talk to you and they knew the only way to bring you out was if someone needed saving so they set up a fake kidnapping to draw you in.

"HELP! Someone help me!"

You woke up to the sounds of Beth screaming for help and you rushed to where you had last seen them but instead of finding her bound by men, she was just calmly standing with Maggie, Amy and Andrea. 

You started panicking and they could tell something was happening to you as they noticed your quicker breathing. 

"Wait! We're not here to hurt you. We're unarmed."

They all held up their hands and spun around to show they weren't hiding anything.

"We just wanted to talk. We were all wondering what you are and why you keep saving us."

After a couple of minutes of you just staring at them, they began to feel uncomfortable over your silence. You had sworn to keep them safe and so you knew that you had to change into your human form to talk to them and so you did. You had forgotten that you would be naked as you changed back and didn't realize until you took in their surprised expressions. 

"Forgive me. I've gotten so used to being in my wolf form."

Right away, they all saw how beautiful you were. You were ripped as hell and they couldn't stop staring at your muscles. You blushed brightly when you took in their line of sight.

"Could I borrow something to wear?"

"Oh right. Follow us."

They led you inside into a room where they handed you something to wear. You quickly changed and then turned to face them.

"So why us? Why have you been protecting us all those years."

"I couldn't help but think that you were all beautiful. I had sworn to myself to keep all of you safe and that's what I've been doing."

"You think we're beautiful."

"I really do."

"Well what would you say if we also think you're beautiful too? We don't want you to hide anymore. Stay with us. Lets explore this."

Maggie motioned to everyone. 

"I'd like to stay then."


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