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{ Aqua POV }

Me: Hey why didn't you meet me after school

Unknown Number: Umm who are you

Me: We were suppose to get together just me and you

Unknown Number: wat are you talking about smh. I barely know you

Me: You're such a liar you even sent me a pic of you shirtless talking about let's hang out

Unknown Number: uhh maybe you have the wrong number :/

Me: This was a joke I just typed a random number and texted them as a joke

Unknown Number: Well I'm Calum Hood and I have a girlfriend so we can't hang

Me: Im Aqua lol

Calum the stranger: Haha your name is water?

Me: no Aqua

Calum the stranger: I know can you send a picture of yourself


Hey guise I've been inspired by @futuoharry to write this Fanfiction

Check out her story Texting and read the whole sequel.



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