"Oh" he says blankly "alright, anyway I'll see you later make sure to bring everyone around to mine later about 4 and we'll open your presents and then go to the restaurant" he adds.

"Okay, thanks Harry your the best"

"No problem" he says and puts the phone down, as I do the same I notice the time.


1:45 pm.

"Liam" I say shaking him.

"Five more minutes" he whispers groggily into my chest.

"Liam" I say and shake him again.

"What?" He mumbles still half asleep not being able to keep his eyes open so he keeps them shut.

"It's 1:45 pm and we need to be around Harry's at about 3" I say.

"Five more minutes then" he mumbles falling back to sleep.

"No Liam" I laugh "come on babe, it's my birthday" I grin happily.

"Happy birthday baby" he says and automatically his eyes shoot open as he sits up.

"Ow" he mumbles sitting up rubbing his head.

"Hangover?" I ask.

"Hangover" he confirms.

"what do you remember up to?" I ask him confused about my previous conversation with Harry on the phone.

"Spin the bottle" he shrugs.

"Jeez" I say and slap my head leaving my head bedded into my hands.

He pulls my hands away from my face "what's up baby?" He quizzes.

"Hangover" I stand up from the bed and put my housecoat on.

I shrug the topic off although I feel like that's not just what happened.

I feel like something happened lastnight, and I can't even remember anything up until when I was dancing with Harry and that was about an hour through.

I don't even remember getting home or anything.

I must of been really drunk, to have a hangover like this and not be able to remember hardly anything what happened lastnight.

"Where are you going?" Liam asks as I begin walking towards the living room, and out of the bedroom door.

"In the living room" I laugh as I walk through the bedroom door and I immediately stop walking and stare at the sight in front of me.

Lots of pink balloons all over the living room and on the wall, just above the telly is a banner "happy 18th birthday Kate" it reads.

"I'm so lucky" I mumble to myself.

"Happy birthday!" Niall, Jordan and Mia all shout from the couch making me grin wildly.

"Thanks guys" I smile at them.

"No problem" Niall grins back.

I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist and I smile knowing it's Liam.

"Happy birthday baby" he mumbles sweetly in my ear and kisses me on the cheek.

"Let's eat! I'm starving" Niall groans from the couch, jumping up and instantly walking to the kitchen making us all laugh.

"What? This one" he points at Mia and carry's on "wouldn't let us eat until you two were awake" he whines holding two hands up in defence and then dropping them and grabbing a box of cereal out of the cupboard.

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