Surreal (Book 3 of The Divine Trilogy) Releasing Dec 15, 2014

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At the beginning of their evening, Master left her eyes uncovered. While he bound Catherine's legs to a spreader bar and her wrists to fur-lined cuffs that dangled from the ceiling, he explained that he wanted his slut to see everything tonight.

Eyes wide open, she watched him move around her while he brought her skin to sizzling life with the cat o' nine tails. Sir Jonathan had suggested it as an interim tool until the couple could begin their private whip lessons with him. Wielded much like a flogger, the cat delivered the stinging bite of a whip but on a less intense level, making it a perfect beginner tool for the submissive and her Master.

He'd turned the thermostat down so that the playroom was frigid—to Catherine, at least. The submissive didn't have a stitch of material covering her body, and her Master was playing mind games with her. Just the sight of him attired in tight, black leather had started the boiling heat within her. Combating that inner warmth was the chilled air, drawing her nipples into hardened buds and making Catherine quite aware of the metal that pierced them.

However, the coolness of the room was soon forgotten by the needy woman once Master began to flail her. Delivered with a steady, controlled hand, the leather thwapping against her skin warmed her until the cold air became welcome, keeping her balanced and comfortable. Master had not taken up the wheel until her whole body was striped pink and white, with the exception of her breasts—they'd been spared the flogger and ached because of it.

Bound and spread for her Master's pleasure, Catherine kept her eyelids lowered until he told her to do otherwise. When she raised her emerald eyes at his command, she'd found him mere inches away, his own gaze dark with desire. She didn't dream of resisting when he pressed his lips to hers, welcoming him in then crying out in surprise when he ran the spiked wheel over her nipple.

New age music reverberated around Catherine and her Master, blending with the submissive's soft echoing moans while Master teased her flesh with a Wartenberg wheel. The inconspicuous device, which her maimeo would have associated with transferring sewing patterns onto fabric, rolled over her tender skin and soon became maddening. Another twenty minutes passed, during which he teased her breasts with the spiked toy. She continued to assure him that she was "green," still eager and enjoying herself. Master was being cautious of her still-healing nipples, for which she was grateful although part of her wanted to ask him for more. Her nipples throbbed, desiring to be pulled and twisted despite the low, constant ache that had been with her since Sir Landon had run the cold steel through them a few weeks before.

"There. I think you're prepared well enough now." Master's strong hands stroked her flesh with a tenderness that sent goose bumps up and down Catherine's body. Slipping his fingers inside her slick folds, he filled her, creating a firm pressure, and then stilled. "Always so wet and willing for my touch. You're a good little slut, aren't you?"

Catherine had enough wits about her to not fall for his trick. She'd not been given permission to speak. However, the submissive didn't fight the lustful moan that slipped from her lips when Master dragged his fingers from her heat with agonizing slowness, just to cram them back into her.

Bestowing a proud smile on Catherine, Master kissed her rough and quick. "Yes, you are, my cailin maith. As much as I would love to fill that cunt with my cock, we would both come too soon, and that would ruin my plans for later."

Her heart jumped at the new endearment he'd taken to using. She loved being his "good girl."

Catherine whimpered when her Master took his touch away, leaving her bereft and wanting. Every part of her felt alive with longing for any bit of friction she could get. The submissive fought the urge to plead for an orgasm, instead savoring his gentle attentions while he undid her cuffs and rubbed each of her wrists and ankles after the restraints came off.

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