To Be Me or Not To Be Me

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Jasmine's POV

"Yeah! Hole in one!" Luke cheers and Mrs Kipling burps as she swallows the ball.

I don't know how she even swallows that.

Emma, Luke, and I were playing golf with Mrs. Kipling. Well, she was actually the hole and we were hitting the golf balls into her mouth.

It's a normal thing around here.

Ravi walked in. "Oh, I see you and Mrs. Kipling are playing Putt-Putt Golf."

"Yup. It's totes great, except the ball return is a little slow." Emma admits.

"Yes, I would estimate one to two days, depending on how much bran she consumes." Ravi explains and we share a confused look.

Bertram walks in with a small package. "Ravi, you got a package from India."

Ravi took it and investigated it. "Ooh! It is from the monks at my old school." He bent down to Kipling's level. "Look, Mrs. Kipling, what do you think it is?"

"Why ask her?" I question Ravi.

"Yeah, she's just an oversized gecko." Luke adds an I nudge his rib.

That was a little rude.

"Call her an oversized gecko again, and you will be coming out of her ball return." Ravi threatens and Luke widens his eyes at this.

"Guys, guys, remember that part I auditioned for but didn't get?!" My sister dashes in with a script in he arms.

Every single one.

"You mean all of them?" Emma questions and I grin.

Jessie couldn't deny that and reluctantly agreed. "Yes.... But I'm talking about the role in MacBeth! Well, I kept hoping and wishing, and it finally happened! The girl who had the role got a broken kneecap!"

"You took Tony's uncle up on his offer?" Luke asks and I rose an eyebrow.

Is my sister dating the nephew of a murder? Better then Henry I guess.

"No, it was an accident." Jessie sighs and mutters to us. "And I saved myself 500 bucks." Jessie, Luke, Emma, and I chuckled.

"Wow, Shakespeare in the Park, I'm impressed. So, which juicy role are you playing?" Bertram asks before impersonating some roles. "Lady MacBeth, Lady MacDuff?"

"No, I'm First Apparition! And I have two whole lines!" Jessie beams, excitedly.

We stared at Jessie with blank expressions, and I scoffed quietly. Is that a backup role of a unimportant witch or something? I'm confused.

"Ha. Just two!" Luke laughs and my sister gives him a hurtful look. "I mean, two? Hey?"

Jessie giggles happily.

"Well, congrats, sis." I smile and she hugs me.

"Yeah, congratulations, Jessie. We are so proud you!" Ravi smiles as Jessie and him hug.

"Aw, thank you, Ravi and JJ." She smiles. "You know, this is my first real acting job in New York. Other than looking happy every time I open my paycheck."

"Tell me about it. We both deserve Oscars for that." Bertram agrees, and they both pretend to receive Oscars emotionally.

Luke and I share an amusing smile.


"Luke, I don't think this is a good idea." I tell the freckled face boy as he straps most of Emma's scarves to the ceiling. "Emma needs these for her show and it's dangerous."

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