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Chapter 24

I had a feeling that I probably looked like some crazy, delusional person what with the way my eyes were bulging and my mouth was gaping wide open. However, I could care less about what I looked like because I was still reeling from Wes’ news. Normally, I would say Wes was trying to pull some kind of prank on me but I could see the honesty shining from his eyes. Eyes that I had once thought were replicas of our father’s and grandfather’s eyes when in reality, it was just a coincidence.

The family that I had grown up with was fake.

Everything that I had thought I knew about my family crumbled the minute I recognized the truth in Wes’ voice. We really weren’t related and the people I had called parents for the last seventeen years were in fact, just regular people who decided to adopt kids. I couldn’t fathom why my mother or father, I still couldn’t quite bring myself to name them otherwise, adopted. It was blatantly clear while I was growing up that they were more interested in themselves and their image to focus on raising kids. I couldn’t picture a time where it was anything different but somewhere down the road, my parents had decided to bring two children into their home with the intention of providing for them.

Something about that didn’t feel right.

“Really Wes? You couldn’t have waited to tell her some other time?” Nick’s angered voice snapped me out of my moment of silence.

“She needed to know! It’s better she get it all at once rather than giving her more bad news every day.” Wes defended his actions.

“Better? Do you really think that shocking her into silence is better?” Nick asked sarcastically.

“She’s just processing it all.” Wes murmured as he cast a worried glance at me.

I took a second to look over Wes; to really look at him. While his face was drawn and wrinkled with fatigue, he still resembled the black haired little boy I’d grown up with. He still looked like the older brother that used to stand over the sandbox while I played in it like a king watching his subjects. Wes was still the boy that used to literally beat boys off with a stick when any of them came to close to me. He had been wrong. While we weren’t biologically related, we were still family. Just a different sort of family.

“You’re wrong Wes.” I murmured, more to myself than him. His sensitive hearing picked it up, however, and had him turning to look at me in confusion.

“Wrong about what Libs?” He walked closer until he was kneeling in front of me. I half smiled at his affectionate nickname.

“We’re not blood siblings, but you are my brother. I don’t care what anyone says but it was you that protected me when I was younger and even though you left, you still tried to stay in contact. Even now, you could be anywhere else in the world and yet you came back for me. Friends don’t do that. Family does. You are my brother, no matter what genetics says.” I concluded. Wes stared at me a moment before suddenly gripping my shoulders and pulling me in for a hug.

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