💔 x fem (intro)

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Vincent POV
Ever since I met her at Route 66, I've fallen in love. Kinda cheesy but what can I say? She can just memorize me by everything she does. Let her out my bunker and she just gets even better. The way she sways her hips and the way she talks makes me lose control. I just can't f**king handle myself.

Vincent loves me, but sometimes it can get a little out of control. When this happens he gets touch-starved and just touches me on days end. I tell him to stop but he gets real antsy. But usually the next day he understands what he did and apologizes for his actions. Other than that, he is such a sweetheart. He looks real tough and can beat you up, but when he shows his true colors it's adorable. He's real rough about it, but his cuddles are so sweet and he whispers things in my ear. That's just what I love about him.

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