You/Daenerys, Cersei, Sansa, and Arya - Antihero Part 2

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Summary: Team Flash needs your help 

Prompt by: Rexburn12

"Lock her up? Lock her up?! No wonder she just left. (Y/n), hadn't done anything. You shouldn't have even considered as an option. Now what are we going to do? We need her. She's the only one strong and capable enough to drag down that demon back to where it came from?"

Kara had been furiously pacing up and down Star Labs as she mumbled about how dumb they had been for even discussing such plans. After only meeting a couple of times, the two of you had become quite close friends and she had just found out that you had been missing for the past month. It was upsetting and the only thing that was holding her back from hurting Barry was the fact that only his team could help him find you.

"Fix it. Find her and we'll go get her. Hurry up, we don't have a lot of time."

All three teams got to work. It would take a team effort to take down the demon and bring you back but they could all handle it if they worked together. Team Arrow and Supergirl had been charged with making sure the demon wouldn't do any more damages while Team Flash locked down your coordinates. 

It was a matter of hours before they ended up finding you. 

"We found her! It wasn't easy nor is it the easiest earth but we found her. Who will go get her?"

Everyone looked around at each other until they all settled their eyes on Kara and Barry.

"What? I'm not going. She'll kill me."

"She won't. I'm sure she'll understand. Now lets go. The longer we wait, the stronger this demon gets."

Cisco opened up a portal at Kara's signal and soon enough they were transported to Westeros. They sticked out like a sore thumb and although they both had powers and could have easily taken down everyone, they held up their hands and asked for you.

You had been in the throne room with your girlfriends, listening in to the troubles that the people of King's Landing were having when suddenly the doors were slammed open and in came the head of your army.

"Forgive me for interrupting my Queens but there's a man and a woman that is asking for Queen (y/n)."

You frowned, unable to understand who it could had been. It had been almost two years since you had last seen anyone from your earth. 

"Did they say their names?"

"Kara Zor-El of Krypton and Barry Allen of Central City."

You smiled as he announced Kara's name but it was soon replaced with a frown as you heard Barry's name. 

"(Y/n)? Who is that?"

You turned to look at their questioning expressions. Not knowing who was asking for you was clearly killing them. They had always been so curious when it came to anything about you. 

"She was a close friend of mine back in my old Earth. Barry was the one that wanted to lock me up."

"Should I set the dragons upon him, my love?"

You smiled at Daenerys' words. She had always been so protective of all of you. 

"No. It's quite alright. I don't think they are here to cause any problems."

You looked back to the man that had barged in. 

"Let them in."

Both you and Kara squealed as you both saw each other. You both began to run into each other until you met in the middle for a tight hug. Thanks to your powers, you were one of the few that Kara could actually give a hug to and not crush you.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were back in 38.'

"I was but I was called to Barry's earth to help deal with a loose demon. It's where I ended up finding out that you had gone missing."

She hit your arm, making your wince a little. Causing Arya to rush to you, holding her sword to Kara's neck.

"Unhand her."

You smiled at Arya to show you weren't actually being hurt.

"It's alright. This was just meant as a friendly gesture. No need to worry."

She was still cautious about Kara but regardless of her feelings, she lowered her sword as you asked. 

"Here, let me present you to them."

"This is Arya," you motioned to her, causing her to give Kara a slight nod. "Daenerys," she gave Kara a small wave and a smile. "Cersei," she just starred at Kara until you motioned to Sansa. "And this is Sansa." Sansa gave her a smile as well.

"Lovely to meet you all. (Y/n), clearly seems happy here and I'm truly happy about that but."

She had addressed your girlfriends at first but then turned to face you.

"We really need your help, (y/n)."

Kara began to do her infamous puppy dog eyes and although you were immune to it, your girlfriends weren't.

"Go help them (y/n). This seems rather important and the faster you finish, the faster you can come back to us."

You sigh and nod at Cersei's words. They were surprising after all considering that she seemed like she hated Kara.

"Alright. I promise not to take long."

You went to each one of them, kissing them before walking back to Kara. Still completely ignoring Barry.

"Alright. Lets go. Maybe I can come back and convince them to take a short vacation afterwords."

"You better! You've missed so much and I want to know everything that I missed in your life."

"Lets go deal with this demon then."


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