Day 6: The Television

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I awoke to a cluttered room.

Whatever I couldn't manage to stuff into the upper cabinets of my kitchen, I had to store in my bedroom and closet. I had stashed bags of bread, chips, and crackers next to my shoes and hats. In my bedroom I moved my computer onto my dresser, an assortment of throw pillows beneath my bed, and a toaster on my nightstand. I had a box full of yarn from when I tried to learn how to knit two years prior and I had a stack of books that went from floor to ceiling. Every magazine I've ever read, every trinket I've collected while abroad, every coat that had once hung by my door was now shoved into some nook or cranny in my room or closet.

"I need a professional organizer to come in here," I grumbled as I pulled the sheets back over my head. "Of course, that would require pulling a lot of money out of my bank account which is far more frightening than charging it to a card..." A whimper escaped my lips before my temporary phone blared its alarm once again, demanding I get up and head to work.

I walked through a jagged path left by the things strewn across my floor. At one point, I stumbled over my Roomba and fell directly into a pile of blankets. As much as my ego was bruised, I said a word of thanks that at least I landed on something soft instead of the stack of picture frames only a foot away.

Once I navigated my bedroom, I stepped out into the kitchen and made an immediate turn for the bathroom. With a yawn and a stretch, my eyes closed for a moment, my vision blurred with the sleep still clouding my eyes. However, just before I stepped into the safe haven of my bathroom and the warm shower waiting within, I blinked away the morning haze and caught a glimpse of the remainder of my condo. Most of it was bare save for the stash of furniture shoved into a far corner. It was discomforting, but expected. What was not expected was the unblemished and finely polished structure of a wooden Christmas castle.

"Fuck you," I mumbled before heading into the bathroom and stepping into the shower.

I spent a good hour or so, living in the quiet warmth of that small room, before returning to my kitchen with my hair wrapped up in a towel and my body snuggled into a robe. With arms crossed and lips pursed, I approached my enemy, unafraid of what wrath it may have in store for me.

"Before you say it," I growled, knowing full well, the calendar couldn't say anything — at least I hoped it couldn't — "I am not surprised you returned and I did not underestimate you. You may think you have the upperhand, but what damage can you do to me if I'm not afraid." I wore a smug, victorious smirk upon my face, certain that courage and fortitude would be a strong enough resistance against a curse determined to break my will. It was with confidence and pride that I reached out and opened the door marked with a six. It was long and tall, almost the size of the first door which had my mini car inside. This compartment, however, wasn't nearly as deep. With a deep breath and anxiety pulling at my already tense muscles, I retrieved the ornament television from its shallow room.

"No, you don't," I said, unable to keep the pleading from my voice as I turned to look at my television, which sat in the corner with all the other large furniture from my living room. "I bought that three months ago. It's top of the line, 75 inch 4k UHD with OLED panels." Biting my bottom lip I looked back at the ornament that sat in the palm of my trembling hand. "It's smart too. It doesn't deserve to die."

Placing the ornament down, I gripped the edge of my counter and took a couple deep breaths, recalling the courage I had bragged about only a minute earlier. Shoving my anxiety into a dark corner of my mind, I tried to think through what might be the intended demise for my precious screen.

"Okay," I muttered, more to myself than the mischievous calendar, "everything has always been taken away from me by real, tangible things that exist in the real world and not whatever magical...realm or whatever this thing came from. At least I think they have. Still don't know what happened to my phone and cards..." I paused and deliberated that fact, but decided people losing cards and phones was normal human behavior and decided to put that complication to the side. Just misplacing a television was a whole different matter.

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