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Callisto Tenzing and Luna Skye crash landed on Saturn's moon, Titan, at the foot of a mountain next to a big lake. It didn't take them long to realize their best option was to make a push for Habitat One. Luna trudged along at Callisto's side while he carried the silver case.

He didn't have a clue what was in it. The case had a three-print combination that required the thumbprints of Phoenix, Dr. Sarah Lawson, and Dr. Ariel Fairhaven. Why Admiral Jax trusted them more than he did Callisto was troubling, something he didn't want to think about because it made him hot behind the eyes. He squinted and forged on with Luna at his side. Of all the information that seemed to have been zapped into his brain, the contents of the cases remained a mystery. He only knew one other thing about them; they had to get them to Habitat One.

Luna lumbered along, a slight limp in her step.

Callisto's vision wavered like a computer glitch and then came back online. "You don't remember anything about the shark attacks?" he said, doubt heavy in his voice.

Nova and her long dark hair looked over at him, her face a mask of twisted confusion. "I told you before, all I remember is reporting to the U.S.S. Fortitude." She winced painfully. "What? What are you talking about?"

Callisto's eyes glitched again. For a moment he saw Nova—who was dead, back on Arcturus, the space station—and then he saw reality.

"What's wrong with you?" Luna said. "Are spacing out on me? I need you to keep it together. We have a long hike ahead of us on dangerous terrain."

The thought of the megacarrier brought a tidal wave of memories flooding into Callisto's mind. He could see the sunken fishing trawler laying on on the bottom of the Sea of Cortez. Their day of scuba diving—Phoenix, Nova, and himself—was supposed to be fun but Phoenix had to suggest spear fishing.

"You don't remember the air raids on Mexico?" Callisto said.

"I remember graduating flight schoool and reporting for duty when the Border War started," Nova replied.

"Eight years of your life missing, and then you woke up after the shark attack in the underground facility."

"Dr. Lawson asked me all of these questions too. And I'm tired of talking about."

Callisto stopped, his sight of Nova fracturing, revealing an angry Luna staring at him, but what he saw quickly morphed back into Nova.

"You died, Nova. I pulled you from the water. The shark bit off your—"

"Bit off what?" Even though the words came from Nova's mouth, the voice sounded strangely like Luna's.

Callisto shook his head. "Your right leg. It was gone."

"It's obviously here now." Nova patted her thigh.

"And you don't remember Phoenix, your fiancé?"

"I'm not engaged to marry anyone! Will you snap out of it?" Luna shoved him in the chest.


"I've always cared about you, Nova."

"I'm not Nova!"

"I saved you," Callisto said.

Nova didn't reply, but kept walking.

"I saved Phoenix too. I dragged both of you back to the boat. You lived two days and then died."

Nova's face flushed red behind her face plate. "Stop saying that. I'm not dead. People don't come back from the dead."

"You did."

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