13 & Pregnant {2}

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"Morning stranger"Ryan said pushing my shoulder playfully.

"Hey Ry"I said laughing and biting on my apple.Currently we were walking to school together and its been a whole week since he moved in and we've been getting along pretty well.

"So I need to ask you something say yes or no"He said looking nervous as usual."Okay shoot"I said taking another bite on my apple.

"Will you go on a date with me?"he said and I knew the nerves where killing him.

"Sure!"I said with excitement clear in my tone."Where do you wanna go"I said as the school started coming into view.

"Ermm its kinda a surprise"He said scratching the back of his neck,"See you later"He said without even letting me reply.

I hated surprises.Once my mum 'decided' to make me a surprise party,but I hated the moment when everyone jumped out and screamed in my face "Happy birthday!",it just sounded annoying.

I hope Ryan planned something good I thought as I ran to class cause I was late.

"Miss West why are you late"My teacher asked and I had to think of a lie quick.

"Ermm I got attacked by a cat"I said unsure that that stupid lie will work.

"1 week detention"She said writing on a yellow piece of paper.

"Someone's badass"Ryan said in my ear smirking.

"Do you find it sexy"I said clearly trying to flirt.

"Definitely"He said,"Meet me in the seniors parking lot after school"He said with a sexy smile on his face.

"I got detention"I said."I'll take care of that just meet me in the parking lot"He said sounding incredible sexy that all I did was smile like some fan girl and nod.


After school I was heading towards the parking lot when Victoria,Lauren,Lillian and La Donna came up to me.

"Baeeeee we heard your going to see Ryan in the parking lot"Victoria said coming up to me and swinging her arm over my shoulder.

"O my God were just going on a date,how does stuff get around so quick"I said throwing my hands up like a total drama queen.

"That's life boo"Lauren said laughing.

Lauren was a lesbian and I always thought her and La Donna had something going on cause they were extremely close and not in a friendly way.Lauren was drop dead gorgeous.She had shoulder length dark brown hair.Mesmerizing hazel eyes and she had an awesome hour-glass figure that I've always wanted.She also has soft caramel skin as smooth as a baby's butt.

La Donna was not really my favorite person in the world.She's could be a bitch sometimes but other times she could be cool.She was average height,dark skinned,a flat butt,dimples on each cheek and she Nicki minaj's curves but her stomach just ruined it.

Victoria was just like me but way more prettier.She was a bit taller than us and she was the proud hoe.She never did anything if someone called her a hoe cause she always said "bitch I know I'm a hoe".

Lillian's the one direction type of girl.She's skinny,slightly pale and she had a slight ass.

"Bye guys I really got to meet up with Ry"I said blushing slightly as I said his name."Go on darling go get your man"Lauren said sounding like an old African-American woman.

"Bye crazy people"I said walking towards the parking lot.

I went to the parking lot and saw that there's no one there.Then I saw a black Range Rover pull up and I saw Ryan in it driving.People do you hear me a 7th grader driving!

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