The Plot

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The year is 2020 and the world is going okay, until...

The government is currently tracking down the existence of 'abnormals' in society, a term being used for those with unnatural qualities such as magical powers, unusually unachievable talents and skills, or straight up physical changes such as being a sub-human species you would believe to be just fantasy and made up.

Welp, science has discovered and named a new element: Abnormalium. It's basically invisible until processed through some brand new tech, and it has a very faint radiation which will mutate people and their genomes to give them these qualities, whether that be at some point in their lives or even as a child. Not everyone can be effected by it however. News of this has broken out and everyone has gone insane, arguing about what to do with the freaks of nature that could be potentially running amuck. In a split second of hope, the Mytros Corporation has started the Mytros Abnormal Academy to house them, so big that it could essentially be a city.

ALL abnormals are basically getting deported to the Mytros Academy whether they like it or not, forced to sit on what seems like the oddest and longest subway ride in the world to its hidden position. The abnormals here will be forced to enroll as 'students' and will remain here until further notice about their reintroduction.

Bad news: While some people still sees them as their own kin, some people, partially even other countries, militaries and government, feel a need to exterminate them. Any means necessary.

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