Chapter 1

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Gilbert where are you going? I'm leaving Diana I don't where to yet but I just have to leave Avonlea. Okay, we'll I wish you safe travels Gilbert. Diana then hugs Gilbert goodbye.
Boy. What are you doing on here? I don't know yet. Well, this place is no place for you get upstairs with your own kind. I don't understand? He means go upstairs with the rest of the white people.
I'm Bash. I'm Gilbert. Are you leaving from Avonlea? Yes, I just needed to get out such of place where people feel sorry for me. Oh, so your running away. No, I'm not running I just need time to think through something's. Well, I'm getting off the next place we dock at so I better get up there. Okay.
In Bash's head. He's not going to survive out there alone. I hope he meets someone fast.
Where are we? Your in Mystic Falls. Okay, thank you. No problem. Wow this place is nothing like Avonlea. Everyone is different their not trying to impress each other.
Gilbert walks around. Then he sees a girl crying.
Hey, are you okay. Yeah, I'm fine. Are you sure? It looks like you just got done from crying. Fine I'm upset. Do you want to talk about? No, and who you are? I'm Gilbert Blythe. Well, it's nice to meet Gilbert but I need to go. Okay. Hey, do you know where I could find a school to attend to? Yeah, follow me.

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