One - " I Don't Think We Got Off On The Right Footing."

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F O R E W O R D :

"You promise."

"I swear on the Angel. The hell with that.

I swear on us."

"Why us?"

"Because there isn't anything I believe in more."

- Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels

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A U T H O R ' S N O T E:

Order of the Perfect series:

1. Perfect Illusion - Daniel and Alex's story [completed]

1.5 Perfect Ruin - Jax and Sienna's story [completed]

2. Perfect Addiction - Kayden and Sienna's story [completed]

3. Perfect Redemption - Jax and Blaire's story [completed]

All of these books can be read as stand alone novels. But it is recommended to read it in this order: Illusion, Addiction, Redemption, Ruin (optional)

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Please note that this book is in no way perfect in any way (I know, shocker considering the title). It's not my best work. I was 16 when I wrote this and it was my first full length novel. But I can promise you that this book is a good time, regardless of the 91863781283 grammatical errors in here.

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The guy in the denim jacket is cute.

He's standing outside his door, fumbling with a set of keys that he took out from his back pocket. His back is turned towards me, but I already had a glimpse of his face when he looked back.

He could not have been much older than me, perhaps nineteen or twenty. He has tangled black hair and hazel eyes. High cheekbones, long, thick lashes, and a full mouth.

Oh, hell.

He's fiddling with his keys, and when he finds the correct one, he inserts it in the lock and twists the doorknob to his place.

And his place is next to my place. Which means he's my neighbour.

Oh, double hell.

I don't think he notices me gaping at him like a silly school girl. It would probably be embarrassing if he actually did, considering I think I almost drooled on myself looking at him.

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