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After the hour long press conference, we were finally leaving. The King and Queen walked nobly ahead of us. I watched them enviously. My knees were shaking a little so Hayes had to help. All while making it look effortless, of course. Prince Hayes had to speak for about 10 to 15 minutes of the conference. During that time the Queen held my hand, she would squeeze my hand tighter whenever I loosened my grip. I wasn't sure that was dignified for a royal to do, but I didn't push it, because I needed it. I think she knew that too.

We got back in the car and made our way back to the castle. I felt slightly drained from all the high anxiety.
"What will you do today?" Queen Rachel asked.
"See all of Baltaver." The King and Queen smiled. I was joking, mostly. I wish I could see every square inch of this country.
"Well I don't know about all that." Prince Hayes said with a laugh. I looked at him. "We will certainly try." He smiled a litte. I got the overwhelming urge to kiss him so I looked away. I'm sure my cheeks were pink. The urge to kiss him had always been there but the closer we got the more it became irresistible. It was like an itch that I couldn't scratch.
"First press conference, how was it?" King William pulled me out of my thoughts.
"I was way out of my element but it was really interesting and riveting."
"You listened?" Hayes seemed supersized.
"Of course." I smiled at him. "I like politics, they are such a foreign concept since we all very so much." The King and Queen look at me. I think the King was floored but my thoughts. Queen Rachels eyes sparkled. I really liked her. Shouting came from outside the car. I looked up to see people waving and shouting about the Royal Family. "I don't know how you do it. You just live such honorable lives and in a little snow globe no less." The King and Queen laughed.
"We are not noble, but we do live in a snow globe." The King assured me. "You learn how to live with it." He patted my knee softly. I only wanted to live in a snow globe with no one to watch or to stir up the snow.

Once back in the castle I started for my room to change.
"Autumn." Queen Rachel called to me. I turned my head to her. "Come." She nodded for me to follow her. I quickly turned on my heals to follow her. "I have a perfect outfit." We wondered through the castle to another room. It seems like a 'junk drawer' room. There were boxes and old furniture crammed in here. It looked like a secret. The Queen opened a standing dresser and pulled out some clothes. She handed me long, black , button up pants with a cream color sweater. I looked up at her.
"I thought Queens don't wear pants." She almost giggled.
"We don't. I used to wear those before I met the King." I smiled softly and hugged the clothing tight to me.

The outfit fit pretty good and was surprisingly comfortable. Queen Rachel and I  seemed to be more alike than I thought. I walked out. She smiled softly.
"Perfect." Her voice sounded like a hug I didn't know I needed. I bite my low lip trying not to grin from ear to ear. "To answer your question from earlier, it's a lot to get used to." I tilted my head. "Living in a snow globe." I nodded slowly. "It can be frustrating and challenging but remember, snow globes have castles to hide in."
"Is that why Prince William is at home a lot?" She laughed.
"A little. He's always been more introverted but the infestation of young ladies is what makes him hide." I laughed remembering the day we met.
"I can't imagine."
"William goes out a lot more than people think, he just does it undercover." I played with the knit on the sweater sleeve.
"We haven't had a problem going out now." She smiled softly.
"Bens very good about that." I slowly stepped forward and hugged the Queen again. This time she didn't protest or inform me that it's improper. Queen Rachel just hugged me back.

Ben took us the the park at the edge of Baltaver. There were big trees and small snow banks all over. In the middle there was a pond that froze over. It was too small to skate on.
"I can see why your mom loves it here." I said looking around.
"My mum." Hayes said softly. I looked at him. "My apologies, I'm used to everyone calling her Queen Rachel or your majesty. I can't remember the last time I talked about her like she was just that, my mother." We stared at each other. It always surprised me how much he didn't lead a normal life. His life was one giant formality. That made me wonder where his youth was lived.
"When was the last time you were at this park?" Intense though washed over his face.
"Oh I don't know, I was probably a young child." On an impulse I bent down and grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at him. He looked at me appalled. I laughed.
"Have a snow ball fight with me." He bent down and picked up a handful of snow and started to pack it into a nice ball. I picked up another handful and threw it at him. It didn't need to be packed, I just wanted to have fun. "Just throw it!" I started to trot away from him in the snow. He lightly threw it at me. It landed at my feet with a thump. I looked at him. "This is pathetic William. I mean really." I picked up the still packed ball and threw it back. It hit him and burst around him. It was like it hit a button because on impact Hayes started to laugh. He repeated his packing steps faster and actually threw it at me. That made me laugh.

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