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Wherever Percy learned all those technics didn't even matter to Steve anymore. The soldier saw the look in his eyes while he gave them the advise that were actually warnings. Percy clearly knew this from personal experience. Whether he learned it first-hand or second-hand seemed irrelevant, the fact was that if he knew that then he had to be fucking destroyed inside. No one can know how to successfully hold a knife against a professional assassin's neck and not have a trauma. The most disturbing thing, however, was the way he did it gracefully, denoting training and experience, and ruthlessly, denoting his capability of actually cutting off Natasha's head without even blinking if he saw it necessary.

It was only then that Steve realized how he could really be a great asset to the team and not just some lazy teen that likes sneaking out. Thor had mentioned it but he hadn't believed him. Fury made him part of the team but he thought he had gone crazy. Now Steve found himself being in awe with both men's wisdom.

All Steve knew was that he and Percy needed to talk.


Next in training came Clint with archery. Everyone was surprised to hear Percy groan in distaste. They were all still a little on edge because of the previous situations, but that didn't mean that they couldn't recognize talent. If he hadn't beaten Steve and Natasha, then they'd all think he was great. And he was.

"Do you know how to shoot an arrow?" Clint asked.

"I know how to, which doesn't mean I can."

"Right. But before you try anything, I'll teach you the technique-"

"I already know the technique, thank you very much. It was carved into my brain the day I managed to shoot backwards." Clint blinked. He seemed about to say something but was cut off before he could even make a sound. "Don't ask." Percy said and turned around to grab a bow.

Once he chose one (poor decision that one), he headed to the shooting area. He didn't lie, he had a perfect technique, but somehow he fired upwards. Everyone stared at him in surprise.

"What? Can't I suck at something?" They were all startled out of their thoughts by Percy's words.

"We didn't think you could." Clint corrected.

"Everyone can. That's what makes us human." Percy answered and then seemed to realize something. He closed his eyes again and without even opening them, shot the arrow. This time it hit the bullseye.

Percy opened one eye as if fearing what he might find, but joy crossed his features once he saw his success.

"I've been trying this for like 5 years! Finally!" He said with glee.

"How did you-? You know, I don't even want to hear the answer." Tony said. Clint laughed.

"Unbelievable." Clint commented with a spark in his eyes. "Finally someone who can properly fire and arrow in our team!" He then turned to the rest of the Avengers. "I'm sorry guys but you all suck. Maybe Natasha's decent but..." He made some exaggerated hand movements indicating Percy, who was now running, shooting and hitting the bullseye every single time. Steve shook his head while smiling. Natasha nodded her head, accepting the fact. Thor was too focused on Percy to pay attention. And then there was Tony.

"You wound me." Stark said while falsely weeping and taking a hand to his chest. 

"You look like the caricature of a rich hormonal teen girl with a tendency to dramatics." Percy commented without wiping the smile off his lips.

"Not so far from the truth, then." Bruce said quietly but still everyone heard. Needless to say, they all lost it.

"Team bonding, I see. Well, even if this is nice and all, I have to interrupt it. Percy, your uncle wants to see you." Fury said as he entered the gym.

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