Chapter 27: My Savior

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Y/n tackled Vali hard enough to fall on the other side of the building.

Y/n - Why you didn't resist my tackle, Vali? I just saved your life.

Vali then fall on the building.

Y/n - Oh sh*t. He cursed under in his breath.

Y/n followed Vali and he saw Vali with his eyes closed and tears are forming in his eyes.

Y/n - Why is he crying?

Y/n managed to caught Vali's right arm and he fly above on the building.

When they arrived, Y/n let go of Vali's arm and he made a soft landing on the building.

Y/n - There. Let me see your hand.

Vali - N-N-N-No. I-I-I-I don't want to.

Y/n - Why? You do know I have healing powers right?

Vali - Of course I-I-I know that. It's just.......... *he suddenly cried*

Being as soft and caring as he can be, Y/n pulled Vali into a hug.

Y/n - There. There. Everything will be alright. He comforted him.

Vali just cried on Y/n's chest as he hugged you tightly.

After 10 seconds of hugging, Vali pulled away and he was still crying.

Y/n - Now tell me, why are you crying? What is your problem in life?

Vali - I'm sorry. He suddenly said.

Y/n - Wait. What? Sorry? For what reason?

Vali - For killing your loved ones earlier.

Y/n - Nah. Don't worry about it. Rias and Asia are perfectly fine. I just revived them. You are forgiven. I'm sorry too for breaking your right hand earlier. As a sign of apology, I will heal your hand. Just let me touch your infected area.

Vali - Are you sure you are forgiving me? For the horrible and gruesome things that I have done to your beloved?

Y/n - It's okay. Don't worry about it. Just accept my apology.

Vali - O-O-O-O-Okay. He stuttered due to his sadness.

Vali then let out his right hand and he can't move it due to the broken bones and muscles. Y/n then infused his hands with healing energy and hold Vali's hand with both of his hands. After a while, You release your hands.

Y/n - Try to move it.

Miraculously, Vali managed to move his right hand and he was shocked that his right hand is fully healed in just a matter of 15 seconds.

Vali - Thank you, Y/n. Your kindness is much appreciated by everyone. No wonder the girls love you so much.

Y/n - Hehehe. You can say that again. Going back to the main topic, why are you crying earlier? I need to know why because I hate seeing people crying and dealing with their problems that they can't solve on their own.

Vali - Why are you insisting me to tell my problems?

Y/n - Simple. It's because I'm your friend. I know you attacked us because you were being told to do that. I can tell it to your actions. But deep inside, I know you are kind, caring and lovable person. He smiled to him.

Vali was shocked. As in absolute shock. He can't believe that this guy has this kind of attitude or personality that can change the villains into a heroes or the good guys.

Vali - I-I-I'm so shocked. Not only you saved my pitiful life....... He was interrupted by Y/n when he heard the word "pitiful".

Y/n - No. Your life is not pitiful. As a matter of fact, a beautiful and meaningful life awaits you. Just learn how to be patient.

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