Chapter 6

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POV Rosalie

I was inside my kingdom

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I was inside my kingdom. My dress was exaggerated because they said coronation day was always the most important thing to them.

I couldn't even believe I was royalty. I mean come on.

I wasn't even born one. I have been transitioned and cursed into one. Yet they said I am royalty so whatever.

Walking along the throne room I smiled when I sat down and placed my crown upon my head before closing my eyes happily.

"Ooooohhh look at my girl."

I froze at the voice. The voice I haven't heard in so long that it made me want to cry.

Opening my eyes I looked up to see the one and only Kol Mikaelson.

My handsome mate. The one who had died at the hands of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert.

He looked amazing in his jeans and white shirt. His skin had a good tan to it and he had a smile adoring his face. His smile held a dimple on one side and he had his hands in his pockets.

I stood up before bunching up my dress running straight at him. At the last moment I launched myself into his arms.

"Kol!" I cried out as he spun me around happily and I couldn't help my tears coming out of my eyes.

God I missed him. He was the one who never cheated, he was the one who mourned me properly... he's the one who never forgot about me.

"Shhh princess, or I should say my queen." He joked making me chuckle before pulling back and smacking his arm hard.

"You *smack* stupid *smack* stupid *smack* STUPID *smack* man!" *smack* I yelled at him and he grabs my hands to keep my from smacking him anymore.

"Damn woman! Easy! I'm fragile." He spoke rubbing his arm with a pout on his lips. I just huffed placing my bitch face on before crossing my arms.

"Are you kidding me? You go after Elena and Jeremy when you know they might have something that could kill you!? Are you dumb?! Baby! Serious are you that dumb!" I yelled and he pins me to the throne and grins down at me.

His breath fanned my face making me want to thread my finger through his hair and kiss him.


"I wanted to kill the doppel-whore along with Jeremy to making sure Silas doesn't get free." He said rubbing his thumb over my lip and I grinned before smacking his head with my hand making him back and yell an ow.

"And yet you still ended up getting murder and Silas was fucking free and using my damn face for his own gain. Which is a giant ass no no." I spoke in pouty voice before turning my back to him.

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