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"You were jealous though" I said, side-glancing at Harry as he parked close to his apartment, finally daring to bring it up again now that I knew we wouldn't have risked to crash the car.

He stopped the car, removing the key from the ignition, not looking at me. "Why do you keep bringing it up?" He asked, his deep voice barely hearable over the loud sound of the raindrops hitting the windshield harshly.

I gave him a little shrug. "No reason" I replied, "you're kind of cute when you're jealous though."

He stopped in the middle of the action of unbuckling his seatbelt, finally turning to give me a little glare. "Let's just go up" he muttered, and I found his reaction even more endearing.

It truly was cute to see Harry act like that. He tried so hard to pretend that nothing could touch him and there was nobody he truly cared about, so it was fun to see him try to coordinate his own facade with his truth.

I followed him as he got out of the car, standing next to him as he fumbled with the keys in his hand to find the right one, the concentrated look on his face making him furrow his eyebrows and pout his lips.

I smiled a bit, unnoticed as he finally found the right key in the dim light and opened the main door. He pushed it open with his hand, going in and keeping it open for me, only letting it go when I'd stepped inside as well.

"You aren't as hard as you pretend to be" I told him as we walked up the stairs to his flat. "You're quite sweet actually. It's funny when you try to pretend you're not."

He didn't say anything, stopping when we reached his door and opening it, walking in first. I followed him inside, and I'm not entirely sure what happened next.

All I knew was that all of a sudden the front door was shut and my back slammed against it, Harry's lips on mine. Something inside my stomach fluttered and I curled my fingers into his hair as he licked into my mouth, the faintest hint of alcohol I didn't even know when he'd consumed on his tongue.

His hands on my hips and his breath against my lips, I felt as if the floor had just disappeared from beneath my feet. I was free falling with only Harry to cling on, his touch getting to my head with every passing second.

He broke away from the kiss, too soon for my liking, not letting go of me. "Yes, I was jealous" he muttered against my mouth, grazing my cheek with his. "I didn't like the way he looked at you" he continued into my ear in a low murmur, "is that what you wanted to hear?"

I didn't even manage to say a single word before he suddenly let go of me, nonchalantly taking off his coat and hanging it next to the door before walking into the room, acting as if nothing had happened.

I glared at him as he put the keys down on the desk, passing his fingers through his dark curls, not even sparing me a second glance as he made his way towards the couch and sat down in the corner, pulling out his phone and checking it.

I rolled my eyes but took off my coat as well, not hesitating before walking towards him and sitting down next to him. "Is it?" I asked, earning a glance from him. "Maybe I just wanted you to admit you care."

"I don't" he said, going back to looking at the screen of his phone, and I nodded to myself.

"So I guess you won't care if I do this?" I asked him, taking the device from his hands before straddling him, putting it down on the couch next to us. "Or this?" I continued, letting my hands travel down his chest and resting them on top of his, that were on his stomach.

I leaned forward, grazing his lips with mine and trying my best not to smile at Harry's little flinch. I put my hand on his jawline, the warmth of his neck quickly irradiating my fingers, and kissed him again, that time not detaching myself right away.

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