Chapter FiftyThree- Riverwood Hits The Panic Switch

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So, this is still a little ways off, but I am working on the epilogue and was wondering if the main point of view should be Amanda or Ren...what do you all think? Leave me a comment below on your opinion!


Chapter FiftyThree- Riverwood Hits The Panic Switch

August 3rd: Waning Gibbous

    My feet pumped against the ground and my heart pounded so hard it was practically in my throat. It didn't help that the smoke was taking away all of my breathing capabilities as I got more into town, people running around me as I went. 

   There were citizens everywhere, crying or screaming or staring at buildings in horror. A particular old man was doing everything he could to save his chickens from getting roasted, pulling them out of their burning coop. I might have stayed to help the man out if I hadn't noticed a body lying face down on the ground. 

    Spinning on my heel I turned the person over and was met with a woman, her face covered in soot. I checked her pulse and listened for breathing, but I couldn't come up with anything. 

    "Hey, you need to get out of here!" someone screamed above me, their voice verging on hysterics. I looked up to see the old chicken man holding about five of them in his arms. They were squaking and kicking like crazy but he didn't seem to mind. 

    "What's going on here?"

    "Some insane people came into town today and started lighting fire to all of the buildings." An explosion sounded behind us and before I could say anything else the old man was off running. 

    Some insane people, huh? More like a vampire with two super powerful werewolves. If the people of Riverwood knew the truth though I'd think that we'd have another huge issue to deal with. Having them in the dark now was almost better than having to worry about our own skin. However, we still needed to find a way to get these people out of town safely. 

    "What are you doing?" Andy said behind me, his voice coming out in ragged gasps. 

    "We need to get these people out of here safely. Do you think you and Courtney can get on that job for me? Have Haden and Joseph come over here to me. I think I know where Amanda and Dylan might be." 

    No doubt Andy wanted to be in the thick of the action as well, but he could tell I wasn't messing around here. So instead of complaining he went back to the group, explaining things to them and running off with Courtney and a few of the other pack members. Haden and Joseph walked over to me with Willow's mother following close behind. Her facial expression was hard and determined, something I hadn't expected to see on her face. 

    Haden and Joseph helped me up from the ground as I said, "I think I have an idea of where Amanda, Dylan, and the vampire might be. Obviously it should be by where the explosions are happening so I say we head in that general direction."

    Considering we had no better plan the four of us took off in the direction of the last explosion. Everything around us was on fire and smoke was clogging the air. We pushed through though, making our way into an alley coughing and hacking up all of the stuff making it's way into our lungs. As I looked around I noticed a severed hand, gagging and walking over to examine it. 

    "How in the world can there be a severed hand?" I asked, picking it up from the ground and seeing that it had a greenish tint. 

    "I don't know," Joseph replied as he checked the hand out. "Zombie apocolypse?" 

    As soon as he said the word zombie a freaky nasal sound came behind us. Like in all of those horror movies we turned our heads slowly, as if for some kind of sick dramatic effect. However, as I laid eyes on the thing behind us I wished I could scream like a little girl. 

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