Chapter 5

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     Blinding white lights and bright white walls were the first thing I saw, when my eyes fluttered open. I closed them immediately.

I felt a small squeeze of my hand and a reassuring voice, "It's okay, Carmen. I'm here."   I sighed, knowing the voice.

"L-logan." I croaked out, sleepily, my voice unrecognizable for being unconscious for awhile. My eyes fluttered open and found Logan sitting bu my side. He smiled at me, though the smile didn't reach his eyes, which were blazing in anger.

"How are you feeling?" He asked me, softly. I shrugged, not wanting to talk. He nodded. I recognized a sort of crushing in my rib cage. A small gasp formed on my lips. The memory flooded my mind: Alex punching Adrian, me interfering, Alex... Punching me? Why?

I must've had a bad expression, fore Logan face hardened. "Adrian and I beat the crap out of him." He explained, softly. I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek lightly, wincing at the pain in my rib cage.He cracked a smile. "Damage?" I whispered, softly. He looked down, his face hardening again.

"Three ribs broken." He whispered, squeezing my hand. This was no surprise to me. From the pain, I'd think I had some lung damage as well.

At that moment, Adrian walked in, quietly. He gazed at me and broke into a smile and sighed in relief. He walked to the side Logan wasn't on and gripped my hand, kissing my forehead. "Finally!" He almost yelled, happily. I chuckled, that was so like Adrian.

"Hey, in my defense, the doctors thought you were in a coma." I gasped, the doctors were that thick-headed?! I rolled my eyes.

"Of course, I'm in a coma, this is all a dream. " I snickered, sarcastically.  They both chuckled.


Later, a doctor came and checked up on me and announced me 'ready to go home'. I slept and didn't go to school for a week, anfd got sent several apologies from Alex. Adrian backed off a bit, and stayed home with me to watch movies. Logan, surprisingly had a job, he worked at Wal-mart, with Will. Adrian and I raced a little bit, against Logan's pleads not to. The slightest movement could send me to the hospital. I always beat Adrian, though I think he was going easy on me.


The first day of school, tons of people I didn't know welcomed me back. Alex apologized profusely. Adrian moved all his classes to mine. My new friends welcomed me back excitedly, and filled me in on what's been happening. I exchanged numbers with Ella and Bella, to talk girl talk with them. Life basically continued. My friendship grew with Ella and Bella. Alex still apologized profusely and we became friends, much to Adrian's dismay. But, hell with him. Yeah, I grew fonder of Adrian, but... There was a slight problem.


(2 weeks after the accident.)

I was racing by myself in the arena. I was trying to beat my latest time, without spinning out. A sleek bright red Porsche GT2 sped into the arena. I got out of the racing lane and got out of my car. A guy, around my age or older came out too. He walked over to me, grinning.

"Hey Carmen."


Yes, pretty boring and very short! I know. Ugh, a bit of writers block besides that part. :)





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