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"Today on WNBC, we'd like to remind all New York City residents to prepare for the weather ahead. Though the snow started around four this morning, it's only gotten heavier since, and if you can convince your boss to let you stay home for the day, we suggest trying. This blizzard will cause squalls throughout the city until late this evening, congestion on the freeways, and possible power outages in parts of the city. All drivers are cautioned to stay off the roads if possible."

Hailey let the rest of the blizzard warning play while she curled up on her sofa and scrolled through her phone. She'd already received messages from her boss and several co-workers telling her to take the day and do what she could from home, and while she appreciated it, she also wished she could just throw the day away.

It'd been so long since she'd had a proper snow day, but that was the life of an adult. Leaving the children to play in the snow while she worked from her kitchen table and tried to finish off a few proposals.

But at least she could do it in her pajamas.

The only downside was she'd scheduled to meet Elliott for drinks later that night, but looking outside—seeing the snow piling up with no signs of stopping—she really didn't see that being a viable option any more.

Any chance you want to change our plans tonight?

What did you have in mind?

Whatever you want, as long as I don't have to leave my house.

You're lucky I'm already planning to be out and about today despite the snow. I've got a few clients to meet with, but how about I drop by after I'm finished? We can do a lazy night in with take-out.

You had me at lazy night.

Any preference on the food?

Surprise me. 😏

You got it. See you tonight xx

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