chapter 8

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Letter 1

Dear Namjoon hyung:

Our best leader, the person whom I am most thankful for is you, in my hard time you always boost me up and give me courage. I remember the debut days when I have low confidence and you said you are good in anything you do. When I am conscious about my self-abilities and you said that Taehyung can do everything if he try hard. When I sleep outside my room because of late schedule and sleep on the couch even you are also tired but you come to me and take me to my room.

"Don't sleep outside the room. "You said

And as time grows our bond become strong when all haters and my antis said that I shouldn't be a part of BTS, I am talentless. And you stay by my side.

"I am very thankful that taehyung is a part of our group he boost our group when it hard to stand and when we are losing our hopes he give us hope to stand again and prove ourselves. "These are the exact words I remember still now how can I forget those words when I needed the most.

And time to time you always ask me if are you okay or do you want to share something to me. And that was enough for me that someone ask to me a reason that I still have people who care about me.

Six years have been passed but I remember every moment with you. I am not good with words or how you say you are thankful to or grateful to a person but I am really thankful to you.

And lastly the later you wrote for me when I am really depressed.

"And you ask me if I am okay when we are sitting in the ride and I said no because even I am depressed or not fine at least when you ask all me pain turns into happiness that when I think no ones like me or care about me your care shows that I still have someone whom I share my thoughts with. You are not much older from me but still there for me."

That I few times thought of quitting BTS.

"And the letter where you show your true thoughts about me. That you are jealous to me because I make friends easily I still laugh when I remember the time even when you give me the letter I am crying. That you can't make friend easily and I am always happy and joyful. But then I realize that I also have weaknesses and strength and a normal boy just like taehyung"

And you said BTS is not BTS if any member is not include. And in the end I realize you are just a boy like me who have depressed sometimes and sometimes you are happy. It is just that we are human and nothing more.

Thank you for being there for me and listen to my heart.


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