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It was the beginning of a school year and I was not ready at all. All summer I spent either working or taking my car for a road trip. My mother didn't care at all and I was not surprised one bit. She was a useless and reckless woman who loved the crack more than her own daughter. I slightly felt terrified of her and was worried one day she would hurt me physically. My dad left when I was younger and I refuse to forgive him till this day. I am the only child and just enjoy my own company; although I'm not a loner. To be honest I'm an attractive girl who gets a lot of attention from school and outside of school. I know being seventeen years old is no joke and I plan on going to university to become a teacher or join a fire department.

I have one best friend (Gemma) since I was five years old and she has not left my side. Even when there was nasty and horrible things said about me. I don't want to relive that moment in my life but she knows my whole life and I know hers.

I woke up early to get breakfast with Gemma. I wore my casual ripped blue jeans and black ribbed top. I accessorised with a necklace and a watch. I combed my hair into a puffy pony tail and put on some blush and lipstick. I wore my Vans plimsols and walked to the front door and saw my mother laying knocked out. For a second my heart skipped a beat but I saw her turn around on her left side and snore loudly. A tear formed in my eye and I angrily brushed it off.

As I walked out of my front door, I saw a good red sedan drive past slowly. A boy around my age looked at me as he drove. His ashy brunette hair swayed in the wind, whilst his arm lay out the window. For some odd reason my stomach dropped and I started getting a weird vibe. He smirked and winked at me and I just stood there frozen. Words couldn't describe how confused and uncomfortable I felt with this encounter. I ignored my worries and rushed to my car, fumbling with my keys. I sat down and reversed out of the Parking and drove towards Gemma's house.

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