Part 4~ Is this really a dream?

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Haha, anyway I just wanted to tell the people who read the first three chapters before I edited it.

I changed Lestat's name to Lucian!!!! I didn't want anyone to be confused bout the Lestat that was in this story between the one in Interview with a vampire. So, his name is Lucian now.

Anyway, here's the next chapter!


You know what sucks? That is, other than someone leaving you in the middle of nowhere. Being stranded there without a clue as to how to escape my boredom had to be worse. I frowned. All there was to do was stare off into the distance, which might I add could be interesting...for about ten minutes. Believe me, I tried it. I sat and watched the animals as long as I could, but eventually my thoughts traveled to the demon angel. Who in the world gets stranded in their own dreams??? Why had he left me? And why did I have a bracelet? Why not a video game or a book?  Why had he not stayed with me?  I pondered.  In the end, I decided if he had stayed I would have to deal with his teasing. He came off as that type of person so, I was unquestionably better off alone.

"Lucian!" I shouted on an impulse. I wasn't surprised to only hear my voice echoing through the trees. I stood, frustrated. My eyes searched the sky for any trace of him. If he was an angel should he not have been able to hear me? Well, if he did, he was not answering.

The wall of colors caught my vision beside me. Somehow I had forgotten about it. The colors were still swirling, but they didn't make me feel happy at all. They looked angry...if colors could look that way. I wondered if there was a door to get inside it like I had before. There wasn't anything better to do, so I paced around the perimeter of the wall inspecting it. Maybe Lucian had poofed in there. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't looking for him because I missed him or anything. I just wanted to kick his butt for leaving me there. My legs were burning when I got back to where I had first began walking.  It took what felt like hours to walk around the whole thing. At least, I thought I had made my way back to where I started. There weren't any definite marks. I just thought I had started by a certain tree, but I was beginning to wonder if that one was it or not. I sighed. That was useless. I hadn't even found a door.

Worn out, I slouched against the wall. Instantly, an excruciating pain surged through my whole body. "Ahh!" I screamed as I feel to the ground. My sight pulsed in and out with every heart beat. It felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside, from my very essence. What had I done?! All I wanted was the pain to stop! I curled into a ball, wrapping my arms around myself in a futile attempt to stop the pain. I glanced up at the wall. It seemed to pulse an angry red color.

Through the pain, I heard someone snickering. "Silly, Lady! You're never suppose to actually touch the soul gate." The person sounded like a little kid. I wasn't exactly in the mood to talk to her, but I was curious.

"Soul Gate?" My voice came out as more of a croak. I winced as the throbbing grew stronger.

"Oh my! You don't know?" The girl stuck her face close to mine. She looked like she was around five if I had to guess. "You must be what mama calls an imbecile!" I looked at her while she said that...well, more like glared. She looked shocked, like it was the most obvious thing in the world and I didn't know it. How would it even be possible for everyone to know about a stupid gate??

"Look, kid..." I forced my voice to stay calm, but it still sounded shaky. "Not everyone knows about your stupid gate. And I'm not an imbecile! If you knew all along what would happen why did you not at least try and stop..." I curled tighter in the fetal position as another wave of pain surged through me.

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