Lola Eternal

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Solomon leaves his business trip and stops in Eden Estate, Washington. It's where he's housed Lola's corpse. Lola's been dead 21 years now and still there's been no justice for her murder. Knowing the murderer is his children's grandmother has kept him secretly enraged. However, nothing outweighs his grief.

He enters this lavish mansion he's purchased for Lola's body. He receives a text. It's his wife, Eloise.

Eloise: When are u coming home?
Solomon: Tomorrow a.m.
Eloise: Again? U said that yesterday.

Eyes shut, gnashing Solomon places his phone on the foyer table. He immediately heads to the east-wing of the house to see Lola. He's created an elegant mausoleum for her. It's on the top floor. He enters the room, and all he sees is miles of jet blue, Pacific water through the picture windows. His heart beats rapidly as he slowly turns his head, looking left into the dark corner, where Lola lies.

He softly whispers his chant as his tear-filled eyes gaze upon her. Suddenly, he stops. He senses the spirit he welcomed in Japan. He feels its presence surrounding him. He tightly shuts his eyes sobbing and quaking. Grief and horror clutch his heart. The presence's weight fills the room. Unable to sustain the heaviness, causes him to kneel. Once on his knees, he decides to pray.

Solomon's family is God-fearing people. They haven't a clue the darkness he's been dabbling into since he lost his beloved wife, Lola. He faintly whispers, "Lord have mercy on..." Gritting his teeth he stops, welcoming his newfound demon.

The sun wakes him. He rises off of the floor, adores Lola momentarily, takes his shower, then heads to the airport. He enters the plane with a renewed confidence. He feels empowered to murder Lola's murderer.

The flight attendant asks, "Sir, what would you like to drink?"

Throat dry from not speaking for days, clearing it, Solomon answers, "Nothing. Thanks."

The flight attendant stands gazing momentarily, into his smoldering, emerald, eyes. Solomon nastily squints her way until she leaves.

Now in Michigan, Solomon tells his driver, "I'm not going home. Take me here."

"No problem, "His driver says. He puts the grandmother's address, into his GPS.

The windshield is blurred by rippling waves while booms of thundering and lightning rattle the car. The driver says, "This is a long drive. Are you sure you don't want to wait until the rain subsides?"

Glaring through the review mirror, Solomon slowly shakes his head no. Nodding, he keeps driving. Solomon starts softly chanting. However, he's having a moral battle within. His convictions overrule him. He decides to relent, then suddenly a Mack truck starts screeching and swerving.

"Oh God!" The driver shrieks, quickly braking. Their car spins, crashing into the embankment. The truck slams on its brakes, but doesn't stop. It rams into Solomon's car.

Feeling the sting of shattered glass splitting his face, Solomon calmly whispers, "See you soon Lola," as he watches the truck collapsing his way.

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