Chapter. 6

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[[ Colby's POV ]]

Today the day went quite well until Brennen had caught me talking with some poor kid who only wanted some directions. The poor kid was left with a bloody nose and here I am, dealing with Brennen in the bathroom.

"B-Brennen, you can't keep hitting people like that!" I exclaimed as I waved my hands around a little. You could tell I'm frustrated. "And you can't keep cheating on me!" He yelled back, making me cower against the tiled wall behind me.

"B-Baby, I'd never cheat on you. I-I love you and only you." I tried to reason but he wasn't convinced one bit. "Stop lying, you piece of shit!" He yelled again and gripped my arm tightly. I let out a small whimper from the pain but kept eye contact with him anyways.

"I-I'm not! I-I would never-" SLAP!! The force of the hit sent be back a little as I held my cheek in pain and fear. My eyes were now glossed up and my heart was pounding heavily. "Never lie to me. Never again. Right babe?" I nodded at his words and flinched once his warm arms wrapped around my small form.

Yet what I didn't expect was to spot Sam in the mirror, just exiting one of the stalls. His mouth was hung open a little and his state in general looked shocked. Brennen moved to act up but I quickly stopped him before he can hurt Sam. "Y-You didn't see anything, right Sam?" I asked as I stared into his eyes, my pleading ones hoping he'll just go with it.

He stayed silent a little, his jaw clenching before he sent a small nod. He thankfully just washed his hands and got out of the bathroom but he seemed to hold back his rising anger. Thankfully. I felt Brennen's stare down on me but just wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his chest.

"I'm s-sorry for lying Brennen. But p-promise me you won't hurt anyone anymore. I-I can't lose you." I sniffled and felt his warm arms wrap around me. "Alright, my darling. Let's get to class." He placed a kiss on my head and guided us out.

I walk out of school, my backpack hoisted on my shoulders and my mood slightly up. Brennen had practice after school for the big day tomorrow so I had to go home alone. I didn't really mind it since I'll be cheering for him tomorrow.

I strolled onto the pavement, fingers wrapped around my bag straps while I hummed a song I had nonchalantly forgotten the name of. Yet, the sound of a car behind me cut me out of my humming and wandering thoughts. I looked over with furrowed eyebrows and noticed it was Sam. Oh no.

"Get in." He demanded making me shiver but comply. I knew better than to disobey. Brennen said that in order to be a perfect boyfriend, I have to comply. And that's all I want to be for Brennen; perfect.

I shut the car door silently and stared down at my lap as we drove away. I noticed we had them passed my house but I didn't really say anything to retort. As we drove silently, I glanced up at Sam. His eyes shimmered beautifully under the slight sunlight that seeped through the window and his jaw looked sharper, now that he had it clenched.

I looked away and glanced out of the window to realize we were pulling over to the side of the road. It was near a forest where not many buildings were located. I looked at him a little confused, when suddenly he unbuckled his seat belt and cupped my cheek.

Without a chance to retort, Sam leaned in and kissed me, his soft lips moving amazingly against mine. Feeling the sudden urge to keep him closer, I gently closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him a little over me.

Yet the moment I realized what I had done, I quickly shoved him away and gasped. I shuffled for the car handle and went to open it but Sam beat me to it and locked all the doors. "S-Sam, please. L-Let me out." I plead and tried the windows but it was to no avail.

"Hey, hey, calm down." He spoke, gently grabbing my arm but making me flinch. He soothed me a little more until I was in the rightful state to listen and not run away. Yet all I wanted was to be with Brennen right now.

"I've wanted to do that the moment I first met you." He whispered and lifted my chin, staring into my eyes. No matter how many times my brain said no, my lips said yes and I leaned back in, reconnecting the kiss..

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