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Summary: They try to help you

Prompt by: Black_Ayerzl

You truly loved your girlfriends. You really did but sometimes they could all be a little too much. 

"I say we take them down. Maggie said that they aren't really allowed to step into that territory because they have undercover cops but the DEO is free to do so."

You rolled your eyes at Alex and then turned to look at Kara, hoping she might see why it was dumb.

"Please tell me that you can see why that is a bad idea."

Kara looks around, not really wanting to answer the question as she had always been a terrible liar with the 4 of you. 

"I mean. Alex is not wrong. Supergirl could in there and take them out."

They would both be the death of you. At least Lena had a little more sense than them. Right?

"Well? Are you thinking the same thing as them or can you actually see why it's a dumb idea."

"Babe, it's your bar. If they think that they got away with it, they could go to another one and then another until you run out of bars. We can't have that happen."

You could cry at her answer.

"I can't with the three of you. I swear, neither of you better step in their territory of there will be consequences and none of you will like them."

They all quickly nodded, too afraid to disagree as they had never seen you threaten them like that. They had to admit it was quite hot. 

As you left Kara's apartment, you dialed Maggie to warn her about something happening in your destroyed bar.

"I'm not even worried about the bar Maggie, you know I have insurance but I'm just worried about our idiots. They obviously don't know what they are dealing with."

"I'll try to keep an eye on them, babe. You just worry about dealing with the insurance stuff. I'll talk to you later.


"Are we really going to do this guys? You know how scare, (y/n), was when we told her about our plan."

Kara asked as she followed Alex and Lena to the gangs hideout. 

"We're doing this Kara. They need to know that they can't miss with our girl. She'll thank us for it. Now be quiet or they'll hear us."

The next couple of minutes were a disaster. They had managed to surprise the gang but they however weren't prepared to deal with the firepower they had. Somehow they had gotten a hold of kryptonite and Kara had been too weak to fight. Alex and Lena had gotten distracted as they saw Kara fall and allowed for the gang members to take them all down. They were all tied down in the middle of the room and all they could do was watch and listen to what they all had planned for them. 

You had just been a couple of minutes behind and you could already tell that they had been taking. It took everything in you just to not barge in and take them all down but you had to be clever about this. You had been in a gang as well and knew how well they worked so you needed to be smart. Climbing up to the roof, you mentally took notice of where each men was posted as well as where the kryptonite was being held at to help Kara. It took another couple of minutes to plan out a form of attack and soon enough you were taking them down one by one. They never saw you coming despite knowing that there was something out there hunting them down. Your girlfriend could only stare in awe as they watched you take each gang member with ease. The only thing that came out of being tied up in the middle was the fact that they got to see you in action. They couldn't help but think how hot you looked in the outfit you had decided to wear to infiltrate their base as well as how sexy you looked while using some type of new guns that just knocked them out.

Finally the last guy was taken out and you were able to safely put away the kryptonite in a lead case on your belt. You however didn't untie them.

"What were you all thinking?!! I told you to leave it alone and the moment I put my back to you, you all ignore my wishes. I warned you that there would be serious consequences about not listening to me."

"(Y/n), you can't be serious? We were only trying to help."

"You got capture. I had to come save your asses. I'm making you all watch me and Maggie have sex. The three of you are all going to be good girls and just watch us fuck and none of you will get to touch."

The three of them gasped as they heard you words. They all thought you were joking and began to laugh. When they noticed how serious you still were they sobered up.

"What?! No way. We don't believe you. You'll just do it for a night and then forget about it."

You just gave Alex a smile and then turned to the door as it opened up to reveal Maggie.

"Just in time. I was telling them their consequences for doing what they weren't suppose to."

"This year is going to be fun."

Kara finally ripped the rope and rushed to stand in front of you.

"A year!?!"

You patted her cheek and bopped her nose.

"You're lucky I'm not making it to two."

Lena stood up with the help of Alex and walked over to her girlfriends, crossing her arms as she stood near you.

"How is it fair that we're being punished when we should be punishing you for keeping this whole spy thing from us."

"Because this had been the first time I've used it in a while. I only had used for it when I was in charge of a gang but then I turned my life around and now I own successful bars."

"You were in a gang?!"

They all asked in unison.

"It was all so long ago but yes. I really don't talk about it because I'm not quite proud of what we did then but I do miss them. They were the only thing I had close to a family."

"Well you obviously need to tell us the whole story and maybe tell us what happened to them. Perhaps introduce us."

You gave them all a kiss. 

"I would love to introduce you to my family. 


Months later after you had managed to track down all your past members, you started it up again with a new mission. To provide protection to those who couldn't protect themselves. It was mainly done to help protect you and your girlfriends after a scary accident that had occurred a little short while later after you had all come out as a couple.

"Wait does that me we all get to be part of the gang too, (y/n). Because I think it's only fair as you're the leader of it. Shouldn't we get special permission."

"I'm not sure. I will think about it though."

Kara was happy enough with your answer and went about her day. 

Later on in the night, you had relented on letting them join as you had given in a day after punishing them. You were too much in love with them to tell them no. Especially Kara when she sported her infamous pout. 


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