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song(s) for this chapter: vixen X miguel ; best friend X brandy

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song(s) for this chapter: vixen X miguel ; best friend X brandy

It was around 12:30 A.M., and Nadira was in bed watching Iron Chef. Nayeli had been in bed and it was Gionni's night out with his friends. They had been wanting to take him out for a while but work had him swamped and exhausted so when they got the opportunity they whisked him away to a bar around ten.

Nadira had been making herself fairly busy with wedding planning as of late and today she went to tour reception venues with her mom. They saw a few nice places, but nothing really stood out to either of them.

She was also in the process of making her bridesmaids and maid of honor boxes to formally ask them even though they all probably already knew. Saij was to be her maid of honor. The girls made an agreement in college, Saij was going to be Nadira's, Lourdes would be Saija's and Nadira would be Lourdes', so they'd all have a turn being maid of honor for each other.

Lourdes, Rayne, Guiliana, Danae and Amina were her bridemaids, and she planned on incorporating all her nieces and nephews in the wedding as well.

Xavier ended up being selected best man, Vinny, Caine, Gio and her brothers were all groomsmen, so it balanced out perfectly, but she just wanted to have a small dinner or something where she gave the ladies formal bridesmaids proposals.

She was pretty much set on her colors being sage green, white and gold and that played perfectly into how she wanted her décor. She was in the process of looking for a DJ and a caterer, but she was taking her time because her seamstress gave her an estimate of about six months for her dress.

As she was fantasizing about her wedding, her phone buzzed, showing Gionni had texted her.

mine🔒🖤: baby you up?

She smiled, knowing he'd do this sooner or later, he always texted her randomly in the middle of a night out, just to talk to her.

: yeah I'm here babe, you okay?

mine🔒🖤: yeah im good.

mine🔒🖤: im tipsy, but im good lmao. you aight?

: yes gionni im okay 🥰  im just watching tv

mine🔒🖤: oh okay. you sleepy?

: no, why?

mine🔒🖤: I want you.

mine🔒🖤: like im ready to fuckin goooo bruh I want you so damn bad,

Nadira laughed aloud at his messages. She was not expecting this, although she knew how he got when he drank, she didn't think he'd text her, usually he just came home on go.

: baby nooo, don't leave. ill stay up for you,

mine🔒🖤: nadira. you don't understand

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