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Chase's P.O.V

my heart pounded in my chest as the doctor approached me.
I shook payton and anthony to try and wake them as the doctor grew closer.

"Chase hudson?" he asked gaining my full attention

"uh yeah that's me," i responded straightening myself up in my chair.

"i have news about kenzie matthews," the doctor replied as he look through a stack of papers on his clipboard

I jumped out of my seat.
"can i see her?" i asked eagerly

The doctor hesitated, then finally said, "why don't you come with me?"

I followed him down a hallway, until eventually, we stopped at a room.
"Kenzie suffered some brain injuries, and in order to help the brain to heal and stop swelling, she's currently in a coma," the doctor spoke while opening up the hospital door, revealing her room.

Kenzie laid on the hospital bed. her hair tangled around her bruised face. She was covered in cuts and bruises all over. Looking at her, was almost like looking at a stranger. Her glow and energy was gone. The only familiar thing that remained were the butterflies in my stomach that appeared whenever i looked at her. My heart throbbed as i stated at kenzie, almost lifeless body.

I had done this to her.

The doctor stood awkwardly in the room as i examined kenzie. Tears slowly fell down my face.

"Has her mom been notified?" i asked breaking the silence

"Um yes, she's unable to fly out at the moment so she won't be here for a couple of days."

i nodded and let the doctor take his leave.
I pulled up a chair beside Kenzie's bed and wrapped my hand around her's. Her tiny hands didn't contain the warmth they normally had, it sent a shiver down my spine.

After a couple of minutes of sitting there i heard the door open, then saw Payton and Anthony beside me.

Both of them were messes, but something was off with Payton.
He paced back and forth across the room, while running his hands abruptly through his wild brown hair.

"Hey, pay, calm down," anthony tried to soothe him

"Calm down? How the hell do you expect me to calm down while Kenzie is sitting in a hospital bed practically dead!" Payton screamed

"she's not dead" i grumbled back, "she can't be"

"Yeah, well if she is, i have to live with the fact that it's my fault." payton snapped

I got up from my chair and walked over to him.
"this isn't your fault payton, it's mine. I shouldn't have let her go, knowing how upset she was." i reassured him

"yeah you shouldn't have cheated on her either" Anthony scowled under is breath

I pretend not to hear and drew my attention back to Payton.

"You don't understand, i'm the reason" payton paused, "i'm the reason she caught you guys"

"what do you mean?" Anthony asked, surprised.

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