༺ XXIX ༻

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⊹⊱ Liwei ⊰⊹

I woke up in a bed, staring at an unfamiliar wooden ceiling. The smell of red cedar wood and a fresh stream of water filled my senses, I knew that I wasn't in any danger. My head was still hurting considerably, but it was no bearable. My mind flashed back to the last thing I remembered before everything turned dark: Xie Xia had sacrificed herself and Mingxia's parents were rescued. Yet, Mingxia was still in the hands of a still unidentified person.

My body ached and longed to be returned to her side. My dragon was as restless as ever, I didn't know how long I had been out, I could only hope that it wasn't for very long. I had to find my mate, but I didn't know where to look. The mages had to have traveled by boat rather than by teleportation crystals, it made it easier to drown her powerful scent that way.

Sitting up, the thin coverings of leaves and twigs rustled and crackled with every movement. The air smelled different; I hadn't recognized it. Judging by the intricate markings engraved on along the ceiling and door frame, we had to be in Echodia, the Elven nation.

My suspicions were confirmed when a gentle hand was placed over my own. I turned my head to find a pair of violet eyes gazing back at me. Her ears were pointed, and her hair was adorned with a variety of flowers and leaves of different shapes and sizes. "You are safe here, Emperor Liwei," she reassured me, calmness radiated from her melodic voice.

"Where are the humans?" I asked, knowing that she would not know them by name. "Did you bring them here as well?"

"Yes, they are safe. The man's wife required medical attention, as did you, she is resting in our infirmary. Xie Xia was prompt in her treatment, if she hadn't delivered it sooner, the woman would have been in worse conditions."

I fell back against the pillow gently, relief washing over me. "And the dragons?"

"They are here. Your envoy, Jing-Wei, came before long before they arrived. She must have heard trouble brewing along the borders."

Thank Meihui. "I need to find a Celestial dragon, she was—"

"Forgive me for my rudeness, Your Majesty. However, you are in no condition to leave. It will take time to extract the remaining poison. Even if we do, it has already passed into your bloodstream. You will need stronger magic than what we can provide to eradicate it. Exerting yourself will only force the poison to your brain quicker."

"I don't care, I have to find my mate."

The female elf's eyes darted between the exit and my eyes, as if she was having an internal debate. "Please wait one moment." With that, I watched her through the opening in the side of the tree as she hurried out and slid down the vines leading into a large, extravagantly decorated tree. She whispered with an individual in the shadows, pointing towards me nervously.

She seemed to have been dismissed as she ran off out of my vision. The mysterious elf stepped forward, locking onto me. The gems in her crown glittered against the harsh sunlight. The corners of her lips turned up in a sly smile before jumping up into the tree to meet me. Her leaf-like clothes made a small rustling sound in the process.

"Thalia," I greeted the Elven Queen.

"It has been some time, Liwei," she replied. "I hear you wish to leave Echodia to find your mate."

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