Chapter 5

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POV Rosalie

"Katherine!" I yelled walking through the house! My legs were aching so badly from not being able to take my other form for a while

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"Katherine!" I yelled walking through the house! My legs were aching so badly from not being able to take my other form for a while.

"What do you want?!" She huffed walking out in only a bra and lacy underwear.

I roll my eyes at this. "We May live together honey but seriously? You can't put on clothing?" I question in a huff and she chuckles.

"What do you want?" She asked and I huff.

"I'm going to relieve some stress. Just letting you know I probably won't be back till tomorrow." I spoke honestly and she nods.

"I will have four guards posted with you so don't do anything stupid to get them killed."

She chuckled putting a hand on her chest, "Who me? Never!"

I narrow my eyes in her direction before giving her like who the hell do you think your talking to?

"Actually I have a job for you. I want you to try and find out more about this girl. She was part of the witches ritual. You remember the one. Take Maria and find out who the girl was and why they want her."

I said in a serious voice before slowly itching at my skin and she nods her head mockingly.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Will go now, your making me uncomfortable by scratching yourself to bleeding.

She motioned to the claws which had came out and my eyes widen before being it back in.

Nodding I grab a bag before walking out the door.

The walk towards the river since it is early and quiet out this morning.

It was a good amount of time to the river but when I arrive I didn't waist my time stripping down before diving into the water.


I sighed thinking about going to bar and drink till I get alcohol poisoning.

As if I could die from that. Even though it would be epic if I did.

Sad days.

I huff but before I could even take five steps my phone is buzzing nonstop by it making me roll my eyes before hitting the decline button.

Stupid telemarketers.

It didn't pass 30 seconds before it was buzzing again sight the same number. I narrow my eyes before doing the same thing.

My shorts stuck to my legs and my tank top was sticking to my skin making me roll my eyes.

My phone went off again and I sigh in anger before pulling it out answering.

"I swear if you don't have a valid reason for bothering me I will personal rip you a new ass." I hissed into the phone and I heard a chuckle.

"Goodmorning/afternoon to you too." Hayley spoke into the phone making my eyes widen and I sigh.

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