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As the exam officially started izuku lagged behind so to anylize the robots behavior and properly create a counter strategy. he then saw a weakness in the defenses and rushed towards one only to get knocked over by his sister and her thugs. "What do you want Izumi" "For you to leave Male". With that she dashed away leaving izuku.

After this he had a plan and rounded up the robots together making a total of 451 (does anyone get the reference) points. And then he cloned himself with himself getting his bow and the other getting the sword. Once they all had targets on him he and his clone shouted at the same time. "Ryugawamatekimakaru" "Ryujinomewokurau" once those words were shouted izuku used demon mode to guide the two dragons and created a perfect cube entrapping them.

He then took his sword and covered it in demonic flames slashing him over 9,000 times only stopping to let the flame covered dragons hit him. At that moment a shake was felt as a big robot that had the number 0 on it emerged from the tube and trapped some girls under it. One bieng his sister. As the other kids ran izuku strolled up to the robot casually.

"To be saved by the gender you despise so much what a shame". Izuku then walked of as the girls begged and pleaded for help and when the robot came crashing down they were swiped away from the rubble by izuku who wouldn't let his sister die no matter how much of a bitch she was. They then left without a thank you pissing izuku off but felt no care a few seconds after.

Science they had 6 minutes left izuku decided to hang out with the heroes in the viewer box. "Sup mofuckers". The heroes were shocked that a lowly male could sneak up on the and attacked. Izuku bieng smart chose to steal thier energy instead of fighting them resulting in quick exhaustion. Izuku then dipped when time was up and when to the boar hat to hang with the sins. His only real family.

Hoped you enjoyed sorry for not updating. Alas I am sick and running for vice President at my school. I see ya later my nerdy ghouls.


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