Chapter 29

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Zander Pov

She saw my car and I immediately looked away and acted as I was on the phone and acted as if I didn't see  that.

She immediately got into my car as I ended the call. She smiled as she sat down.

"Hi dad."

I smiled although i'm furious.

"Hi princess."

I started driving not saying anything after that even totally forgetting to get ice-cream for us. I know like I scare her boyfriend away and stuff but i'm still hurt she didn't tell me. 

After all, i'm still her father. I didn't wanna say anything till I talk to my wife. I don't wanna screw things up. She kept using her phone. Eventually, we reached home and she went inside. 

I just sat in the car trying to clear my mind. I eventually went in and saw Jake and he was smiling big and was so excited. I wonder what's the news....


"Yes buddy?"

I said sitting beside him. 

"I got an A for my math's test,"

I smiled huge beyond proud of him. 

"That's really good buddy. I'm proud of you."

 I said giving him a hug.

"Did you tell mama?"

He nodded.

"Mama taking me out later to get a new toy."

"You deserve it bud. Just know bud if you need any help in your studies. I'm always here to help you and your mama is as well. You don't need to be alone in this yea? Studying may be hard at times but me and your mama are always here if you need any help and you can always ask your teachers for help as well."

He nodded smiling and hug me. 

"Thanks dad."

"Anytime bud."

I got up as he continued to watch TV . I went to see my wife in the laundry room.

"Hi baby." 

"Heyy, your back."


There was an awkward silence between us as she breaks it.

"Come on Zander, what's wrong?"

I groan.

"Faith has a boyfriend."

" did you know?"

"I saw her with a- what do you mean?"

She looked down and I knew it. She knew, but didn't tell me. 

"You knew...I suppose."

I sounded stiff and a bit harsh. 


I just walked out of the laundry room and walked to bunny room and I see that cute little missy colouring. At least, I can get my mind of everything now. She finally sees me. 


She came running to me. I kneel down giving her a hug. 

"How is my cute bunny doing?"

"Good daddy."

She giggled. I raise an eyebrow at her.

"Looks like you made a mess here?"

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