Please Come Back

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"He's-" the doctor soon had a coughing attack. He clutched onto his chest as Mikasa helped him onto the couch. He signaled for her that he was okay as he stopped coughing soon after. "I'm sorry Mikasa, I've had those attacks all my life. Anyway, your I suppose husband," Mikasa blushed at the statement, "is alive, we need to take him to the hospital right away though," the white bearded man said, slowly rising from the couch. Mikasa clung to Akane for comfort. "I'll take him, but I'm afraid I can only fit him in my car." Mikasa nodded as the man began to pick up Eren. Mikasa set down Akane in her playpen and helped carry the unconscious to the black, slick car. 

Mikasa waved at the doctor leaving and slowly walked back inside, afraid to face reality without Eren. Once she walked in the door, she was overwhelmed by the sight of blood, by the thought of it being Eren's, by the thought she had to clean it all up. She decided to wait and call her brother to tell her what happened instead. She dialed his phone number as it rang three times, and just as she was about to hangup, Hanji answered the phone. 


"Hi Hanji, it's me Mikasa," she spoke, trying to hide her sadness, "is Levi there?"

"Yup kiddo! Hold on!" Mikasa lay her head against the cement wall, physically exhausted from what had happened. 

"Hey squirt, you okay? We usually have our nightly calls much later," Levi sounded extremely worried for his sister. After the war, they began to talk more and more, which made both of them feel comforted. Mikasa broke down sobbing to her big brother.

"Ere-Eren was shot today," Mikasa could barely make out the sentence. Levi hitched his breath over the line. 

"I'll be right over, where is he?"

"The hospital. That's kinda why I called, could you take me there and watch Akane for awhile? I'm sorry to put this much pressure on you," Mikasa sighed and clutched her head, getting a migraine. 

"Of course Mikasa, and you're not putting any pressure on me, you know Hanji and I love watching Akane." 

"OI! Are we getting Akane again?" Mikasa heard Hanji yell at Levi. She didn't hear his response. 

"Anyway, I'll be over in five teen, I love you."

"Love you too Levi," Mikasa hung up the phone with reluctance, holding onto the little glimpse of hope that he brought her for two minutes. She walked back to Akane, who was playing with a stuffed elephant Eren had got her when she had come home from the hospital, which made Mikasa smile at the memory. Grabbing her baby and the elephant, she packed everything Akane needed for Levi's. Mikasa overpacked for sure, packing half of Akane's closet, but she had no idea when Eren would wake back up again. She also packed the majority of her toys and her sensory gym. Levi and Hanji had other baby supplies there like a babies crib and height chair, because of the planned pregnancy. 

"Mikasa, I'm here," Mikasa ran downstairs with two suitcases full of baby supplies and toys and Akane. Levi was taken aback by the sight of blood and the two suitcases. 

"I got Akane. Can you carry the suitcases?" Mikasa asked, putting her baby in the stroller. He nodded and splashed his foot in the pile of blood. 

"We'll clean this up next time we stop by," Levi said, letting Mikasa walk in front of him to his green car. She nodded, dreading the day. She opened the door cheerlessly, not wanting to see Eren in such a state at the hospital and without her baby there with her either. She buckled Akane up in the baby car seat tightly as she smiled, making grabby hands at Mikasa. She tickled Akane, as she sat there and squealed. She handed her daughter the stuffed elephant, kissed her forehead, and shut the car door, walking to the passenger seat, where Levi waited for her in the front. 

"I don't want to see him like this." 

"You do know that we're dropping off Akane first, right?" Mikasa nodded and sighed, looking at her lap. "Do you know who did it?" Levi asked, backing up out of the path and onto the road. 

"I have no idea. It reminded me so much of that day Levi," Mikasa began to tear up, getting flashbacks in her head. 

"That bad?" Mikasa nodded. The rest of the car ride was silent except for Akane babbling.

Fiveteen minutes later, they arrived at Levi's house. It was a cabin house, just like Eren and Mikasa's. 

"We're here," Levi announced, unbuckling his seatbelt and grabbing the suitcases from the back. Mikasa did the same and picked up Akane and her elephant as they walked into their cabin, the smell of burnt cookies filling the house. 

"Tch. Four eyes, what the hell happened?" Levi dropped the suitcases and stomped into the kitchen Mikasa chuckled and sat on the couch, Akane resting her head on her breast. 

"OI! I burnt cookies, that's all."

"Don't cook if you don't know how to." Mikasa lay down now and began to feel her eyes get heavy. "Hey squirt, do you want to go to the hospital now?" The hospital. Eren. Mikasa nodded, kissed her daughters forehead once again, and said bye to Hanji.   

The car ride was silent once again, until they got to the hospital, they both rushed in. 

"Hello! How may I help you?" The short brunet asked. 

"We're here to see Eren Yeager," Mikasa practically put herself over the counter top of the desk. 

"He's in room B102." They both nodded and thanked her as they took the elevator the the B story. Mikasa hugged Levi before she left the elevator and ran down the hall, noticing the number right away. She slowly opened the door to see two IV's hooked up to him and him breathing softly. She began to shake and tears began to form. She ran up to his body and lay on his stomach, burying her face, sobbing.

"Eren, I'm so sorry. I promise I didn't mean to do this. Please come back, please."    

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