🌲Chapter one🌲

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Here is the sequel of Faking it for the holidays. I really didn't plan on making a sequel.but this idea wouldn't just go away.  Anywho this story will not have that much chapters like the first book did. I'm thinking maybe about 4-5 at the most and will try and have this done by Christmas because I will be busy by then with my family festivities. No drama in this story just nothin but fluff and Christmas stuff.

Oh I will ask a question at he end of each chapter if you want to answer it.


Well enjoy the first chapter :)

December 21st 2019

It has been almost two years since Louis and Harry have been dating and they are closer than ever. Once they got back to uni no one was surprise that they were dating and some already thought they were. His friends were happy for them as well.

After they were together for six months they got a small one bedroom flat the off campus. It was pretty small but it was cozy and home to them. They both have jobs, Harry as a photographer and Louis as a drama teacher.

They decorated a bit but they were going to Anne's this year, (his mom being okay with it) and they didn't want to go overboard. Right now they were packing and they still had to drive three hours.

"Babe, come on we have to get on the road if we're going to make it before dark," Harry yelled to Louis who was in the bathroom.

"Okay, I'm grabbing our toothbrushes, and other toiletries,"

Louis grabbed their bag of toiletries and goes back into there room to put it in the suitcase. While Harry was else where Louis goes to there dresser and opens the first drawer, there layed a Black Velvet box that held an engagement ring. Louis was going to propose to Harry on Christmas Eve, there anniversary and Louis 26th bday. He smiled and puts the ring in his pocket.

"Coming!" Louis shouted.

"Babe, you ready?" Harry asked, stuffing his mom's and sisters presents in the suitcase.

"Is one of those presents mine?" he asked nosily.

"Maybe," he says cheekily.

"Okay let's head out,"

Harry decided to drive and Louis said he was in charge of the radio .

"The fray, how I'm not surprised," Harry said fondly.

"Love you," Louis said.

"Love you too,"

They clasps there hands together and drive the three-hours to Anne's. They stopped of course two times but made it by 5 p.m.

They park the car in front of the two story house. Louis felt home here ever since he first met Anne almost two years ago and she loved him from the start.  She loved him even more when Louie called her in the beginning of November to ask her permission to propose to Harry and she cried and said "of course you are already family". Louis maybe cried a bit to.

Louis shook his head of the flashback and followed Harry inside.

"Awe, my baby boy is home," Anne greeted Harry turning red.

"Mom, Im twenty-six," Harry whined.

"So you'll always be my baby boy,"

Louis chuckled because his mom was the same way and he could see why her and Jay got along.

"Hey love, so nice to see you again," Anne greeted Louis pulling him into a hug.

"You too, Anne,"

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