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I pull my last suitcase out of the limousine and pay the driver from the airport. I turn around and look at the place I'll be spending the next four years of my life at. The London School Of Arts. The place I've been working the get to for the last eighteen years. And I'm finally here. I'm here majoring in the performing arts and singing, but minoring in interior design and painting. After studying the campus of Ivy ridden brick houses and students walking around laughing and talking I turn back to my multiple suitcases and contemplate how I'm going to get them all to my room. I grab my Vera Bradley bag and sit it on top of my first suitcase and pick up one of my shoulder bags. I also grab one of my rolling suitcases and try to grab my other ones. I'm already struggling to carry all of them and I still have five rolling stuicases and two carry-on bags. Guess I could've packed less, but it's not like I'm going home at all this year. Suddenly I feel something hard hit my head. I stumble a little bit but don't fall, thank god, I mean I'm wearing a skirt!

"NIall, you idiot!" I hear a British accent say, I'm going to have to get used to those if I'm going to be living here in London. "You hurt the poor girl. Are you alright, love?"

I look up and see bright blue green eyes looking into mine filled with concern, and I see a fit guy wearing a striped shirt and red pants. I quickly snap out of my little trance and respond. "Well, isn't that a great way to welcome me to LSA?"

"Sorry, love. Niall's a little bit of a twat." Stripes whispers the last part in my ear, causing me to shiver as I feel his breath on my back.

"It's fine. But I could use some help, if you want to make it up to me." I say and wink.

"Oh and what's that?" He asks with a mischievous grin on his face.

"You and the twat can bring my luggage to my room for me." I grin at him and point him to my luggage and drop one of my bags into his arms. His face falls a little bit, but walks over to luggage.

"Sorry, love I didn't mean to do that." Someone else says, Niall I guess, and I look over and see a very fit guy with a blond hair and clear blue eyes.

"No problem, after you help Stripes with my luggage." I say and toss my hair over my shoulder.

"Geez girl, are you moving here forever?" Stripes asks me as he struggles to pull two carry-ons and two bags as Niall gets one carry on and three rolling suitcases.

"Only a year, but I need options! Now follow me." I say and they follow me as I walk over to my dorm. I already looked up the entire campus, because who wants to be that annoying Freshman who's lost? My heels clack as I roll my two suitcases as Stripes and Niall struggle to keep up. I call over my shoulder to them, "Guys I have just as much stuff, well almost, and I'm wearing heels and a skirt. Keep up."

We get to the dorm and I drop my bags and pull out the card I got to enter them that got sent with my schedule. I hear Niall say as I open door, "Wait this is your dorm house?"

"Yeah, why?" I ask looking at him.

"Me and Louis room here too!" Niall says and points to Stripes, who I guess is Louis.

"Cool, now my bitches are closer to me!" I say and see confusion fill their face.

"Bitches?" They ask simultaneously.

"People in America call their friends who do whatever they want bitches." I say and see the confusion leave their face.

"Oh okay... Wait, we're no one's bitches!" Louis says, but I was already walking into the dorm, them following. I go over to the elevator and wait for them to shuffle in. I press floor three and I feel the elevator jolt up.

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