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"Faster. You are walking too slow.", demand the lady dressed in all-black attire.

Her white locks unintentionally hit Maggie's face as she turns around. Maggie had to close her eyes to avoid any strain of hair from entering her eyes.

May Xiao Bin. The only heir of Xiao Trading. The Phantom's Trade main business partner in China. All their export and import from China relies heavily on Xiao Trading.

Business-wise. May is important for Kara. Very important.


For Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor is way more important than her.

A little hesitant to say what in her mind, Maggie run her fingers through her hair. The lady in a suit sigh.

"May, relax. Why are you rushing? We are literally inside The Phantom's mansion. "

May shut her eyes softly, grinning her teeth tightly to suppress her anger.

"Last time Daddy said the same thing. 'The Phantom is literally your fiancee, there is no need to go to England. Just wait for the wedding'. Now, Kara is married to some lowly noble."

Hearing the words that come out of her boss' mouth, Maggie couldn't help but snort at the statement.

"Exactly, she is married. Why are you making it so hard for her?", snark her.

Not wanting to answer the question. May ignored the lady in a suit behind her. She didn't even look back when she increased her pace.

The way the sunlight shines from the line of big glass windows on her right, highlight the serious look on the Chinese girl.

Standing a few steps away behind May, Maggie looked at her boss. She took a deep breath before exhaling it loudly.

"You are the one who will get hurt if you continue, May!", the lady in a suit shouted.

She doesn't care if anyone is eavesdropping their conversation or not. May Xiao Bin is more than just her boss. She is her friend.

Friend protect each other.

Even a stubborn, ungrateful, spoiled brat like May deserved to be protected.

One thing bothering her is the Chinese girl didn't even take a second to look back. She can never tell what May is thinking. Why?

Maggie knew that her boss is very aware that she is going to be hurt. Does she really like Kara that much? Or does she have a secret agenda behind all this drama?

What Maggie doesn't know is everything was well planned by May Xiao Bin. The Chinese girl knew a few meters away, a certain brunette is hiding behind a curtain. Someone has eavesdropped their conversation.

That someone is Lena Luthor.

So when May decided to make a spontaneous turn, she makes sure her voice was loud enough to make her point clear to Lena.

"I am declaring war, Maggie. Just you wait, I'll prove it to you. I will win the war."

Hearing the bold statement, Lena's hands turn into a fist. May Xiao Bin is declaring war. It doesn't take a genius to know the prize at stake is Kara. The brunette bites her lower lips to avoid lashing out at May.

She couldn't risk the chance of the Chinese girl found her eavesdropping their conversation like this.

Although deep in her heart, the brunette knows May knew of her existence in the scene.

"You're the boss, May. Do whatever you want.", Maggie gave up.

It is pretty clear to the lady in a suit that whatever she said, her boss won't listen to her.

Smirking at her friend, May grasp both of her hands together.

"No matter how bad the situation is, I can promise you that I will never lay a finger on your Alex Danvers."

The comment made Maggie blush a little.

How cute, thought May. Her heart swells a bit when she remembers the other two ladies who are also harbouring romantic feelings for the older Danvers.

It is going to be a very long and tiring fight if Maggie is serious about Alex.

"Shush... Don't drag my love life into this.", the lady in a suit blush a little.

May can be a decent friend when she wants to so she decided to tease Maggie more.

"You even had a one versus one fight with Samantha Arias for her, huh?"

At this rate, Maggie partially turns into a lobster. Her face is so red, it almost appears inhuman. Yes, Maggie Sawyer can be a one hella confident girl but underneath that gigantic ego is one very timid girl.

Closing both of her ears with her hands, "Blah, blah, blah... I can't hear you!", Maggie rushes past May.

Rolling her eyes at the absurdness, the Chinese girl wrapped her arms around herself.

"Ah, Alex Danvers... Harder ahh~ Yes, right there~"

"I don't sound like that!"

"Yeah, yeah... I believe you.", sarcasm on full blast.

Maggie groans loudly as a sign of protest yet the lady in a suit didn't turn around to look at her friend. She quickens her pace instead.

"Come on, you're walking too slow."

She tried to turn the table around. May chuckled at the poor attempt but the Chinese girl decided to humour her friend anyway.

Strengthening the fabric of her clothes using her hands, May then put on her elegant smile. A smile she usually wears when she is attending a meeting.

"Alright, Sawyer. Let's not keep my Kara waiting."

A shiver runs down Lena's spine when she hears May calling her wife 'hers'. The way the Chinese girl said it is so at ease like she had said those words a thousand times before. She might have already exceeded a thousand times tho.

When there were no more footsteps can be heard, Lena is certain they have gone away. That is when she turned to her right and the brunette maid beside her blush.

Lena smirk, "That was a rather interesting conversation, right, Alex?"

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