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I understand that many people don't have review experience and might find the requirements hard to reach. This chapter is supposed to help with that.

When commenting, think about your likes and dislikes. What'd you like? Why? What'd you dislike? Why? Likes and dislikes shouldn't be the focus of your review, though these things should help you find out what the author needs to improve.

Remember to be nice. If you didn't like the book, look on the bright side. What do you think they did well? If you can't be positive, you can't be in this book club.

What about characterization and plot? Did you catch any plot holes? Can you connect to the characters? How quickly is the plot moving?

Please give real comments. Saying something like "This is nice. I liked it. There are some things that can be improved but it's good overall" isn't a review. If they need to improve something, what is it? What stood out to you?

What are the grammar/spelling/punctuation issues? How can the author improve these issues?

There are other things you can add as well, such as flow, originality, descriptions, and anything else you catch while reading. Basically, if something stands out to you, just mention it in your review.

If you're thinking about these things when you're commenting, you should be able to reach the five sentences easily.

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