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Now that you know the rules, you should probably know how this process works.

How Everything Works

- You will be paired in groups of two, sometimes three if there's an odd number of contestants

- Every week, you'll be repaired with a different person who has a different book. You have to read two chapters in that one week. The assignments will always be due before I post the next one, which will always be sometime after 3:00 pm EST (GMT-5) on the last day of the assignment. For example, if the assignment says it's from November 20th to November 27th, the assignment is due 11/27 before I post the next assignment. You'll get a warning the day before if you haven't completed the assignment.

- You can leave, but this must be done after you've completed your current assignment. You may get an extention as well. A hiatus can be given before you've completed your last assignment, but you have to get around to it eventually. Hiatuses only last four assignments, aka two months. You'll be asked to leave or rejoin after that, but you have to complete your previous assignment before you choose the former.

- There will be a book of the month. You have to read two chapters of said book; the only excuse for not reading it is if it's your book or you've already reviewed the whole thing for this book club.

- The book of the month is chosen based on who I (ccallis0246) have deemed the best reviewer of the previous month, and you can't have the same book of the month two months in a row. I won't completely ignore the idea of letting one person have the book of the month more than once, but I'll try to look to other members once you've already been chosen as the reviewer of the month, aka the author of the book of the month.

- You'll need at least seven in-line comments (actual comments, not "cool!" or "love it!") or an at least five-sentence final comment. You always need a final comment, but it only has to be at least five sentences if you have seven in-line comments already. It only has to be a sentence or two if you have the seven in-line comments, check out the "Comments" chapter for more information. This amount can change if the chapters are very short, less than 1,000 words. Please use #SFBC when doing your final comment.

- There is a first trial for those in their first week, an unofficial first assignment. You'll read two chapters of one of the admin's works, and we will tell you what you can improve review-wise upon acceptance. You are only a first trial member for the first week.

- If you are a first trial member, please do not assign yourself a book. We appreciate your eagerness to join our book club, but we will assign you. Any attempts to do your first trial without having been assigned a first trial book will be ignored. Remember though that we update weekly, so you won't have to wait more than a week to get your assignment; just be patient.

- Each person will read the same amount of chapters. If you or your partner only has one chapter of the assigned book for that week (you have to read two each week), you'll each read one chapter instead of two for that week. In other words, the only time you read less than two chapters in a week is if you/your partner has less than two chapters to read. You should never read two if they can only read one and vice versa.

- Permanent pairings and repairings are allowed, though they must be okayed with both partners before coming to me.

- When you're done, in-line comment next to your assignment "Done Jumping_Jiminys or GigiMC_0308"and say which chapters you read specifically. This is what it should look like:

First Trial:
Done Jumping_Jiminys
*book title here* Chapters 1-2

Actual Assignment:
Done GigiMC_0308
*book title here* Chapters 1-2

That's all! Feel free to ask any questions! Onto the comments.

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