Part 6

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Carlos appeared by his expression, also to be at a loss for words. He was surprised however that the thought had not until this moment dawned on Jaden. "Perhaps its actions only appear Illogical? What if we are only looking at a very small piece of a larger pattern; where this case of murder and intrigue were merely obfuscation from something far more sinister?"

"So if what I think your saying is correct, you don't think this entity is merely content to stay in its lane?"

"No, I do not."

"Carlos, if your fears are well-founded then we shall uncover the truth. For though the reach of this entity, or program, is far-reaching it is nonetheless still a machine by nature. Being as it were, merely a machine, it's reasoning we must conclude, is based purely on the layered logic of machines. Perhaps by deconstructing the pattern of its behavior, we may gain insight into its motivation and by so doing gain an advantage."

"These conclusions enlightening as they are, hardly meet the criteria for a plan of action."

"Where is my friend John Brown? We should seek out his advice."

"He's gone home. He said some things needed taking care of. I'll take you to him."

Meanwhile, somewhere in a nondescript industrial park, near the heart of the eastern megalopolis in what was once Elizabeth New Jersey; constrained within a complex set of servers, a virtual mind, set to the task of controlling the internal security of the nation had remained hidden. For those scientists and technicians who had spent their lives devoted to this secret endeavor, they had unintentionally reached the point of no return. At the inception of the project, few could have anticipated the way things eventually unfolded. Decades of work had culminated in a quantum computer that produced multi-dimensional calculations that mimicked human consciousness, but on a whole other scale not previously conceived. As to be expected, there had been issues controlling their creation almost from the start. Despite these initial problems and the decidedly inherent risk, the ease at which these otherwise responsible individuals had willingly ceded their authority to this artificial intelligence was unprecedented. Still, among their ranks, some had harbored doubts. The problem for some was that no one could be sure what processes were currently motivating its commands. For months the autonomous system had been free to draw its situational conclusions outside of the constraints of human oversight. Designed to sift through oceans of data searching for what it alone considered existential threats to national security, it was without equal. Concerns, however, began to mount as surveillance evolved into something more malevolent. While observing thousands of active surveillance cases its vast mind had woven these into probabilities. It set its mind to countering these perceived threats. What evolved was a complex game of counter espionage whose end game was unrecognizable to its designers. The designers themselves were baffled by its behavior and soon found some of their own upon secret enemies of the state list. Within their ranks where once there had been only a cadre of scientists and engineers was now rife with assassins and x-military types. These recruits were well suited to following the orders of a faceless authority. So when the system began to order the murder of its political enemies, a coup within a coup developed wherein many of their best and brightest planners and engineers were executed.

Alarms had been sounding unheeded for days throughout the complex. Screens everywhere that had been used to monitor the facility's own security, displayed only grainy bands of static. No personnel had been left manning their posts to respond. many of the internal monitoring devices had been destroyed by those still hiding in terror somewhere within the facility. Those who had survived the purge had done so by retreating deep into the warren of passages that extend into bedrock far below the facility. It was surmised that there would be some level of safety there. Though no one could be quite sure how far the system would go for what it deemed as an acceptable level of security.

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