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Hello and welcome to Sunflower Book Club! We're happy to see you stop by our community's book club.

I'm Cassie, ccallis0246, and I run this book club with JJ, Jumping_Jiminys, and Gigi, GigiMC_0308. This is a very new community and our first official project is this book club, so we don't have much help right now. If you're interested in becoming an admin for the Sunflower Community, please comment or PM. Help is always needed, no matter how big or small.

Note: We need admins for Sunflower Community's future projects, not the book club anymore.

So you may be asking yourself, why this book club? Why is this one so special? Well, I've entered some book clubs in the past, and I have a pretty good idea of how they work. I love helping other writers, and that's my goal with this book club. We are a positive community with a focus on constructive criticism, so we'll tell you how to improve your book without tearing it down.

Interested in seeing more? Before I get into the process, here are the rules.


1 - You can enter however many works you want. However, more works entered means more work for you.

2 - Readers only are allowed.

3 - Each work entered has to have at least two chapters.

4 - Prologues count as chapters if they're over 1,000 words.

4 - You have to be okay with all genres. I'll do my best not to partner you with genres you don't like, but I can't make any promises if there aren't many members. It's easiest if you are okay with all genres.

5 - Specify exactly what you're not okay with, especially mature and LGBTQIA-wise. The more specific you are, the better your pairing will be. Also be extremely specific if you have LGBTQIA+ content and characters and/or mature scenes. How is the scene mature? Which chapter is it in? How many LGBTQIA+ characters are there? When do they come into the story? The more specific, the better.

6 - Please be committed. You only have to read two chapters in one week. Don't enter if you can't commit.

7 - This is a strike system. If you fail to do an assignment in the given time frame without an excuse, you are given a strike. You don't get another assignment until you finish that one, and you're kicked out after this happens three times.

8 - Follow this account, add this book to your library, and add the Sunflower Community book to your library to get all information needed to stay updated. The password is your favorite flower. You're responsible for knowing your assignment and other given book club information, which you'll only find out through these means.

9 - Your comments should be constructive but kind. Don't push them down, but tell them what they need to improve if improvements are needed. Check out the "Comments" chapter for more information on this.

10 - I will repeat constructive but kind. Constructive criticism is not necessarily positive, but we expect you to have at least one positive note in your review. Try to balance out what's good and what can be improved, hence kindness and constructive criticism in your comments. However, constructive criticism is our #1 concern, so please don't enter this book club if that isn't for you. If you harass your partner for their constructive criticism in your book, your comments will be reviewed by the admins, and you'll get kicked out or given a probationary period. We don't tolerate arguments of any kind, whether you're giving or receiving the review.

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