14. Jealous Much ?

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The ringing of the doorbell echoes through the house and I walk downstairs as fast as my body can allow me, knowing exactly who it is. I open the door, a smile creeping up on my face at the sight in front of me.

"Liam," I squeak excitedly as I throw my arms around his neck.

"Hey, Elle," he says against my hair with a light chuckle. "I've missed you."

"Me too," I say pulling back a bit. "Can't believe I survived seven months without you," I grin and he lets out a breathy laugh.

I hear footsteps nearing us and someone clears their throat which causes Liam to let go of me as I spin on my heel. "Liam," I turn towards him before turning back to face Harry, "I want you to meet Harry, my...uh,... baby's father, and, Harry this is Liam, a good friend of mine."

Liam steps forward and Harry does too, so they can shake hands. Liam has a knowing smile on his face, because he knows exactly what's been going on with Harry and I.

I may have not seen him in a long time, but I still told him everything that has happened between Harry and I. He was happy for us, cause he believed that I also deserved to be happy and he assured that Harry could be, and I quote, 'the love of my life'.

Liam was the only one aware of my feelings for Harry. He was the only one who knew that I was in love with him. I'd called him the day right after the special night I had spent with Harry and I had told him everything. He believed and told me countless times that Harry probably loves me too, since he always seems to go out of his way to do adorable and meaningful things for me, and I can't help but hope that Liam is right.

"I've heard so much about you," Liam gushes with a smile, and my cheeks redden in embarrassment. a smirk breaking on Harry's face when his eyes land on me.

"Is that so ?" Harry asks teasingly and Liam nods twice before I interrupt them.

"Liam, would you like something to drink, before we eat ?" I ask with a smile, trying as best as I can to hide my embarrassment.

"A glass of wine would be nice."

I nod. "Harry ?"

"Wine too, baby," he replies with a gentle smile that has my heart miss a beat.

"Okay," I reply, making my way to the kitchen to pour them a glass of wine, and a glass of juice for me.

Liam appears in the kitchen a few seconds later and I hand him his glass as we start messing around waiting for Harry, who according to Liam 'had to go upstairs to take care of some things'. I didn't ask further questions, knowing it wasn't any of my business and Liam probably didn't know anything else, other than what he'd told me.

"So, how have you been ?" I ask, glancing towards my friend as I sip on my juice.

"Amazing. The girls are doing fine. Still monsters, though. And they're growing up so fast, time flies by," he tells me with a grin, his eyes lighting up as he talks about his daughters.

"What's the last thing they did ?" I question with a smirk, knowing the story must be good.

He lets out a laugh as if he's remembering the events, before he finally speaks, "They drive me mad, I swear," he shakes his head. "So, Dani was out, running errands or something, and I was upstairs working on a file I needed to mail before the end of the week end. The girls were watching a movie, or so I thought. And when I finally came downstairs after having finished my work, I literally screamed," he laughs and I let out a chuckle.

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