Becoming Valkyire Hearts

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Dialmer was once a beautiful kingdom, where every creature lived together in peace. They brought balance to the land. The witches used there magic to help, the elves used there powers to heal and the goblins used there skills with metal to help people create things.

But the werewolves and vampire clans believed themselves to be better then all the other creatures, so they banned together to rid Dialmer of what they believed to be vermin. And they seceded. Leaving only werewolves, vampires and humans.

But the werewolves and vampires began to fight amongst each other, which soon turned into a full force war. After three years Dialmer was a dried up land, with very little food and water. The dark clouds never let the suns light through, and darkness always seemed to be blanketing the land.

Finally, Dimitri of the vampire clan Valdimore and Adrian of the werewolf pack Licontha, made a treaty with each other. Dialmer would be split into two kingdoms. The eastern side was to become Valdimore, kingdom of the vampires, with Dimitri as king, while the western side was to become Licontha, kingdom of the werewolves, with Adrian as king.

Before the two new kings parted, there was one law made that was to be followed by all vampires and werewolves. All children who were born to either werewolves of vampires, were not allowed to be changed until they reached the age of 18, for they knew from experience that any child younger then 18 had difficulties with there situation.

With the agreement signed, the two parted ways, to build their kingdom.

Years later, when both men had passed on the rulership of their kingdom to there children, they both received a letter, from a place called Altorez. The letters stated that the outcast of Dialmer had created a new home for themselves, and that the people of Dialmer would do well not to try and destroy what they had created, for this time, they would not go down easily.

Altorez became a closely guarded secret of the royal families, with the information of the land on being passed down once a ruler took the crown. Of course there were legends of an amazing island, with mountains reaching the clouds, but anyone who clamed to know anything was deemed crazy amongst there people.

So for hundreds of years, the legend of Altorez grew, most thinking it was just a story. Of course, there were those who knew the truth, but they kept quiet.

But one girl was about to discover the magic of Altorez for herself. She may not have known it at the time, but Altorez is the one place where dreams really do come true.

Chapter 1.


I groaned and rolled over in my bed.


I buried my head deeper in my pillow.

"ANISSA!" Eliot yelled, ripping my duvet off me.

"What?" I groaned into my pillow.

"It's already close to sundown. Your mother sent me to tell you to pack your thing because you're heading back to Licontha tonight."

"Tonight!" I yelled sitting up, "Is she crazy? It's a full moon."

I turned to look blurry eyed at the pale 6'2" lanky frame of Eliot who smiled showing off his fangs, while running his hand trough his unruly black hair that was just touching the top of his ears, with his fringe swept to the left. "Envy has always been crazy. Did it take you this long to notice?"

"Prat," I mumbled throwing my pillow at him.

"Come on, get up. Your sister said to wear that red strapless dress with the puffy skirt," he said holding his hand out to me.

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